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Zinox Technologies has taken matters serious and have gone straight to the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja, and filed a lawsuit against Premium Times.

The N2billion lawsuit filed against Premium Times comes at the back of the non-compliance of Premium Times to take back some wrong defamatory publications against the Nigerian tech company, Zinox Technologies.

The wrong defamatory publications from Premium Times are regarding N170 million contract scam that Premium Times said involved some of the officials at Zinox. Reports from Premium Times stated that an illegal N170 million contract was signed and awarded by top officials at Zinox technologies to Citadel Oracle Concept Limited in Ibadan.

Gideon Ayogu, Zinox Technologies Head of Corporate Communications has however stated that Zinox Technologies had no part in such a fraudulent transaction, revealing that the case was even looked into by a special police unit.

Ayogu explained, “It is important to note that in the entire transaction leading up to this case, in all the above investigations and reports, Zinox Technologies Ltd. was not in any way involved. The transaction only involved Technology Distributions Ltd. and its staff, of whom the reports of the Police Special Fraud Unit (SFU) and other agencies had absolved TD and its staff of any liabilities, after extensive investigations since 2013 that traversed the SFU, the Nigerian Police Headquarters, Abuja; and the EFCC, Abuja. Yet, Premium Times kept spewing out spurious stories as if Technology Distributions and its staff were under investigations or facing criminal charge.”

The publications released by Premium Times also stated that the chairman of Zinox Group, Prof. Leo Stan Ekeh was a key figure in the determinant. Ayogu has however defended his Chairman by saying such news was entirely false.

In furtherance, Zinox Technologies has not only smashed a spanking N2 billion lawsuit against Premium Times but they have also requested that Premium Times should write a consistent letter of apology for 2 months and to also pay N10 million for the cost of taking legal action.

Premium Times has to have strong evidence in order to step out of this case unhurt. If they don’t have a strong evidence to back up their claims, Premium Times just has to comply with the demands of Zinox Group.

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