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E-commerce company, Yudala has taken over Yes Mobile, a cosmopolitan high-value retail outfit with a multiplicity of stores in Lagos.

According to senior Management staff of Yes Mobile, Onoidem Idiong, he described the Yudala take-over as a stylish but very detailed way of modern acquisition.

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“The process commenced a few months back and was concluded about a couple of weeks ago. We are happy to see the number one e-commerce and pioneer composite retail company take charge. In a few days’ time, Yudala’s striking fuchsia pink will become our new color and we shall start exciting our customers with other world-class products beyond ICT products and accessories,” he said.

Gideon Ayogu, Head of Media Relations at Yudala while confirming the story says that he “can say it is the most creative partnership or acquisition I have experienced as it was target-driven with a lot of knowledge on display. Nigerians will certainly start experiencing the results of this acquisition within a few days.”

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“We have a lot on our sleeves as a solid and fastest growing e-commerce company in Africa. This is in addition to the over 25 physical stores we have launched in 18 months and the many job opportunities these have unlocked for Nigerians.”

“With this takeover, Nigerians now have additional ease and convenience of shopping a variety of products including choice wines and spirits, fashion items, kitchen appliances, electronics and much more from more physical locations, while still enjoying the revolutionary Yudala advantage. These include the freedom to shop online and enjoy free delivery nationwide; ordering online and self-fulfilling your order by picking up from the nearest store or you can just walk into any of our stores nationwide to see and experience the products before buying. As you know, no other e-commerce company offers these in Nigeria.”

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According to reports, Yudala will add the Yes Mobile chain of store locations and other resources to its rapidly growing retail platform. It is a very good way to expand. I think it is a very good investment.

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