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Xiaomi were in the news last week for the new partnership with Nokia. However, the OEM are in the news this week for something unique. They have recorded a high increase in shipments in the Q2 2017 when compared to the Q1 of 2017. Xiaomi records a 70% increase in its Q2 of 2017. The increase is seen in the figures 0f 23.16 million smartphones shipments made by Xiaomi. This is a new record set by the company.

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Well, the questions we begin to ask are: Did Nokia observe this substantial growth before partnering with Xiaomi? Or did Xiaomi use the growth observed a yardstick to pull the deal through? One thing I know for sure is that the world of business plays centres around one thing – Profit.

“This achievement signifies a major inflection point in our growth — after two years of internal recalibration, Xiaomi is once again embarking on a rapid growth trajectory,” Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun wrote in a statement.

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Jun continued, “This is a truly significant milestone for Xiaomi — to date, no other smartphone company globally had been able to resume growth after a decline in sales.”

Jun stated that the increased growth in Xiaomi shipments could be linked to the investments Xiaomi made in designs. Of a truth, the Xiaomi smartphones are beautiful to behold. This shows why Xiaomi have taken more preference in investing in patents from Nokia.

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“After much internal discussions, we laid out the blueprint of our action plan and established a division solely focused on product quality,” he wrote. “Our goal is to win through the ‘iron-fist’ of quality!”

Xiaomi have now set an indeed tasking target fro themselves, and that is to make shipments of 100 million smartphones in 2017. In as much as this seems extremely tasking, don’t estimate the power of ambition.

“A new chapter for Xiaomi has just begun, and so many possibilities lie ahead of us,” Jun wrote further in the statement.

He continued, “Our future is as vast as the constellations and beyond.”

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