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The question Xiaomi is attempting to answer with the Xiaomi Mi Max is, ‘How big can a smartphone get before it becomes too ridiculously big to call it a phone?’ OK, the word ‘phablet’ was coined to take care of those devices too big to call a phone but not big enough to make it to the tablet range. So Xiaomi is talking somewhere between 5.7″ and 6.3″ display for its new device, the Mi Max, to be unveiled on the 10th of May in Beijing.

mi max

Everything we know about the Mi Max was revealed last week on Xiaomi’s MIUI blog created specifically for Xiaomi enthusiasts to discuss all things Xiaomi. The blog post is asking users to guess the size of the new device. And it gave hints on how big the size would be by posting the device inside a jeans pocket. From the picture, the Xiaomi Mi Max can fit comfortably into the front pocket of an adult’s jeans’ front pocket with room to spare.

So the guessing game is now in full gear. Rumors are strong that the Mi Max would spot a 6.3″ display. If it actually turns out to be that, then Xiaomi must think we all have very big pockets on our jeans. On the other hand, the teased picture looked like the flagship Mi 5 launched earlier this year. The Mi5 is a 5.2″ display smartphone. So, to accommodate a 6.3″ display on the frame of the mi5, the bezels on the smartphone would have to be very small. These are just speculations. For all we know, the Mi Max might be just a regular sized phone with a huge battery to account for the ‘Max’.

So I find it surprising that GSM Arena was able to publish the full specifications since Xiaomi is yet to release the full details yet. What we know for sure is that the Mi Max would be the first in the series and is likely to have very impressive specs. Snapdragon 820 is being thrown around. But don’t be too disappointed if Xiaomi decided on the Snapdragon 620 which is also featuring prominently in the rumours. The RAM specs too range vary between 2 and 3GB depending on the optimism levels of the speculator.

OK, enough with the speculations and lets just wait for the 10th of May which is just around the corner. However, we know this for sure: Xiaomi is saying that unlike the other phones in its collection, the Mi Max will be without the ‘Mi’ branding on the front of the phone. No reason was given for that. I had always thought Xiaomi were very proud of that sign on the front panel of their phones. And I figured it would remain there forever. That goes to show I don’t really know much about how the corporate mind spins.


photo credit: en.miui.com

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