Xiaomi Mi 4C explodes in user's back pocket

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According to reports, In China, a Xiaomi Mi 4c kept in a user’s back pocket suddenly burst into flames, leaving third-degree burns on the victim’s hips. The issue was caught on CCTV cameras and was first reported by a Chinese news channel Zhejiang. While the fine print regarding the incidentare still to be confirmed, the injuries to the victim looked scary, judging by the graphic images we’ve seen making rounds on the net. Just about a month back, there was a report of a Xiaomi Mi 4i (first impressions) exploding inside the premises of an office in India.

Xiaomi Mi 4C explodes in user's back pocket
Xiaomi Mi 4C explodes in user’s back pocket

This problem of exploding smartphones has reached a point where flight carriers are starting to ban specific phone models. Samsung was once a victim as the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 caught fire and burnt someone’s skin. Just few days ago again, it exploded in the hands of an innocent 6 year old boy watching video on his Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Samsung is still working hard to limit thedamagecaused by its exploding flagship. The company has already recalled the Note7 globally, and is urging users to exchange recalled units. While we think these incidents will prompt brands to be more rigorous in the testing of their devices, we also recommend that you be highly cautious while using electronics for your own safety.

The Xiaomi Mi4c (Chinese:小米手机4c) is a smartphone developed by Xiaomi Inc. It is part of Xiaomi’s mid-range smartphone line, and was released in September 2015. It is only available in mainland China. The Xiaomi Mi4C is equipped with a Snapdragon 808 processor, a 5 inch 1080p IPS display and a 3080 mAH battery. with 2GB / 3GB of memory, and 16GB / 32GB storage in the two versions.

It runs on Android 5.1.1 with the MIUI ROM. Its rear camera is 13MP and front camera is 5MP with 1080×1920 resolution. It weighs 132 grams and its dimensions are 138.1×69.6×7.8 mm. It has Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 4.1, GPS, Infa red and USB Type-C1.0. The phone was described by many as one outstanding piece of high-end technology that doesn’t cost as much as its rivals except for the fact that most of its rivals don’t explode on your back pocket.

It was revealed by AnTuTu that the Mi 4c was one of the 10 most popular phones in China.

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