Nike HyperAdapt self-lacing sneakers

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Sneaker lovers, especially those who love all tings Nike, have been waiting for this news for some months. The American global corporation that is in the business of manufacturing and selling all things related to sports announced that the long awaited Nike HyperAdapt self-lacing sneakers would be launched quite soon.

Nike HyperAdapt self-lacing sneakers
Nike HyperAdapt Sneakers

As a matter of fact, the definitive date according to Nike is the first of next month, not the 28th of this month as many people thought at first. And in further good news, the price is not $1000 as earlier speculated. It would actually cost anybody who needs the sneakers $720 to buy one.

It would be recalled that it was back in March that Nike announced the launch of these sneakers that used technology extensively on the design.

During the announcement, Nike said that the sneakers:

…the first performance vehicle for Nike’s latest platform breakthrough, adaptive lacing. The shoe translates deep research in digital, electrical and mechanical engineering into a product designed for movement. It challenges traditional understanding of fit, proposing an ultimate solution to individual idiosyncrasies in lacing and tension preference.”

So what makes the sneakers so different from others. The sneakers look ordinary like any other good sneakers around. However, it is because of the integrated technology that you need to pay $720 to get a pair.

Nike HyperAdapt self-lacing sneakers
Sole of Nike HyperAdapt Sneakers

First all, as the name implies, the laces of the sneakers are automatically tied once the feet are inside the shoes. The sneakers are so designed that the pressure of the laces are tightened according to the size of your feet.

Again, the sneakers come with rechargeable li-ion batteries embedded in the soles. These batteries are of course needed to power the auto-tying feature of the sneakers.

At full charge, the lead Ion battery can last for up to two weeks before one need to recharge them. Charging from zero to hundred percent takes about 3 hours.

Apart from the battery, the soles of the sneakers also contain LED indicators to indicate various levels of charge of the battery. When the battery are full, the color of the LED blue. Low battery power is indicated by red lights.

Nike HyperAdapt self-lacing sneakers
Sole of Nike HyperAdapt Sneakers

However, before you get the red light low battery warning, there is a yellow color light indicator to inform the user that the battery would require charging in a few days time. Basically, warning you to be prepared to charge your shoes.

The sneakers employ wireless charging technology to re-juice the battery; just to show you how Nike tried as much as possible to use the latest technology in the sneakers.

A sneaker like this should not come as a surprise. More and more of our everyday things are been turned into technology-based gadgets. Many household items are now connected to a wireless network or a central hub that controls all the connected gadgets.

This makes it possible for different gadgets to communicate with each other without waiting for the owner to intervene.

Nike HyperAdapt self-lacing sneakers
White Nike HyperAdapt Sneakers

So having a sneakers like this should be seen as the direction the world is heading to. The next step for Nike and other big corporations are to make connected shoes or sneakers.

However, paying $700 dollars for sneakers is a very steep amount. To be clear, these are just sneakers to be worn. Not a high-end smartphone or even Laptops. At that price, these sneakers are more than the cost of some high end smartphones.

Would I invest that amount of money on sneakers? I absolutely doubt that. Spending that much for a pair of sneakers is what the very rich do. And this is the sort of thing people in that strata of the society want to acquire to show their class.

If you had that amount of money to spent, would you buy a pair of hi-tech, HyperAdapt sneakers from Nike? As for me, I think I would stick to tying the laces of my shoes myself; thank you.


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