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Would you buy a refrigerator for $5000? A Yes or no answer may probably be decided with a few seconds experience with the Samsung smart fridge. For those tech enthusiasts or those who just want technology to permeate all through every aspect of their life, then Samsung’s new smart fridge is worth taking a look at. Undoubtedly one of the major show stealers at Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2016, The fridge will come complete with sensors, cameras, smart capabilities and a huge touch screen display. It will also take a picture of what’s inside your fridge every time you close the door- meaning you’ll always be up to date on how much milk and bread you have left. They also help keep you from eating something that’s been in the fridge a bit longer than it should’ve been. At a jaw dropping $5000 a piece, if you’ve got that much money very eager to leave your pocket, then viola! You are “a buy” away from owning a badass refrigerator.
Samsung smart fridge
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When Samsung announced the smart fridge, many were intrigued, when the company demoed the gadget at CES 2016 more peeps got wowed. The first thing you will notice about Samsung’s smart fridge is its digitally intimidating 21.5-inch display screen on the its door. Dupped, the family hub — the smart fridge does more exciting things than just store food – You can remotely access the fridge’s cameras in real time from any location using your smartphone, and also use the Family Hub to order groceries online through the “Groceries by MasterCard” smart fridge app. If you think you will be missing those good old days of “dumb” fridges, where it was refreshing to see an old picture of yours or a family member’s or friend’s, don’t mourn just yet, Samsung got that covered. It also comes packked with technology to track and monitor your family’s eating habits The huge 21.5-inch, 1080p display of Samsung’s Family hub can also display family pictures as well as custom messages.
Samsung smart fridge
Samsung has been unveiling a host of high-tech gadgets which it claims is part of “life hacks” strategy — mundane tasks that can be made more efficient through the use of midern technology. Samsung’s Family hub is part of the so-called “life hack” strategy and will hit the technology market this spring. Get a Samsung Family Hub and hack your way through 2016. The smart fridge allows you to
search for recipes and guides you through the cooking process with very clear voice instructions. Once you’ve spotted a recipe you like, you can order the necessary ingredients right there on the door of your refrigerator . The Family Hub also come packed with software that provides a snapshot of your day, complete with meetings, weather and more. An app called Stickies which syncs Post-it-style notes to the fridge that are created with the mobile software to help you keep up with family updates and messages. If you’re going to be late for dinner, for example, you can easily let everyone know. So, as it stands — would you buy a refrigerator for $5000 ?

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