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Shopity allows you to shop directly from China,

When the thoughts of ordering products from China comes to mind, some of us will think of the Asian e-commerce platform called AliExpress. However, shopping from there requires you dealing with conversion rates and all that. With the scope of Shopity, you can do an online shopping of your favorite online products in China right from a Nigerian e-commerce platform. Want to know something better? You can pay for the products easily in naira currency and still enjoy additional discounts on the products you ordered.

Basically, Shopity is an e-commerce platform that focuses on dealing with products from China. The range of products Shopity deals in varies from fashion, electronics, sports items, household appliances and so on.

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In the words of the founder, “There are countless reasons to love online shopping on Shopity. We have created the most convenient way to shopping online with an e-shop (e-market).”

The startup was founded in the third quarter of this year precisely July 10, 2017. Just like every other platform, you required to follow some simple procedures when you are about to order for an item.  First and foremost, you select the products you wish to ship. Next up, you make the payment for the product selected and lastly, you receive the item you ordered for (it takes about 12-22 working days before your reception). If you so wish, you can give a review on the product you ordered. However, all these can’t be possible except if you’ve signed up on the platform.

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Ijizie Chimmie, the CEO of Shopity said, “Compared to other “online shopping malls,” Shopity doesn’t allow merchants list their products on their portal; instead they source for good bargains and discount, curate them and offer them to customers, so be rest assured all products on Shopity have been curated and verified.”

Shopity offers cheaper products about 45% – 65% lesser than other e-commerce platforms in Nigeria. Get to know more about Shopity’s offers by logging on to the platform via the website (http://www.shopity.com.ng/).

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