Headphones explode on woman while asleep

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Now, I’m getting scared already thinking that 2016 would have a repeat of itself in this year. Recall that series of explosions occurred via the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone last year, making them recall the device twice. After then, we witnessed some cases of iPhone explosions too. But today, a less suspectable piece has exploded.

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According to the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, an unnamed passenger on a flight from Beijing to Melbourne suffered burns to her face and hand when her headphones’ batteries exploded after overheating.

Headphones explode on woman while asleep
Headphones explode on woman while asleep

The woman said she was listening to music on her headphones when she fell asleep about two hours into the flight. She woke up to an explosion. I don’t really like the sound of that. But why are these batteries exploding? A big question we do not have an answer to.

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Worthy of mention is the fact that these Lithium-ion batteries, the same batteries that caused a lot of havoc in 2016. We do not have any idea why in the past few months, they have been becoming very in safe for proper and safe use by smartphone users.

Lithium-ion battery
Lithium-ion battery

Looking at it from many other perspectives, there are a whole lot of questions that could be asked in a bid to get an answer. Could it be that the quality of these batteries are reducing by the year, even when it is glaring that technology is improving and it should be increasing in quality?

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Could it also be that the present environmental conditions (depending on the location) does not suit or is not conducive for the battery? This might not be it because I can’t remember experiencing any major climate change in some years back.


So dear techies, what is really happening?

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