Samsung Galaxy Note, iPhone 6S, Android, IOs, US Army

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An army-centric website,, is reporting that the Special Operations Command of the United States Army is switching from the Android phone it has been using to the iPhone .

Samsung Galaxy Note, iPhone 6S, Android, IOs, US Army
iOS vs Andoid

According to the report, before this change, they gave soldiers what they called ‘Android Tactical Assault Kit‘ which is basically a complex way to say they equipped the men in the unit with a 2011 Samsung Galaxy Note. The phones were all connected to a central command to form a sort of closed network for sensitive military communications.

The new ‘iPhone Tactical Assault Kit’ would likely be the iPhone 6s. In other words, the latest iPhone in the market.

The next obvious question will be why an arm of the US military is switching devices now? Is it a case of a sudden rush of patriotism to patronize American goods? If that is the case, didn’t the suits at headquarters know initially that Samsung is a Korean company when they decided to use it 5 years ago? So the patriotism card is not going to wash with anybody. Obviously.

Samsung Galaxy Note, iPhone 6S, Android, IOs, US Army

The simple explanation is rather close to home in America. According to the sources, the problem had more to do with the operating system, the Android OS. Which of course is made and owned by an American company, Google.

So Samsung are losing a valued American client because an American software vendor chosed to make a crappy operating system.

But what exactly is wrong with the Samsung Galaxy Note. The main problem is that it freezes a lot. And in critical operational situation, it is a bad thing to have your communication gadgets freezing. And the only way to use them again was to reboot them. This was a waste of valuable time, even if it required less than a couple of minutes to reboot the gadgets.

Samsung Galaxy Note, iPhone 6S, Android, IOs, US Army
2011 Samsung Galaxy Note

For Military operations like the ones the Special Operations Commands are involved in, a few seconds delay could be the difference between success and catastrophic failure.

Again, another problem with the Galaxy Note is that it comes up short when compared to the iPhone 6s in terms of the graphics. The gist is that the graphics of the Note were no where as good as that of the iPhone 6s.

Again, the Note did not handle some softwares as efficiently as the iPhone 6s.

The US Army is yet to deny or confirm this. However, the source said the decision has already being taken and an official pronouncement wouldn’t alter the fact.

Okay, before the fanboys of iPhone begin to tout this as another major score in the unending battle of supremacy between Samsung’s high end phones and the iPhone, I would have them take a back row and relax a bit.

At the beginning of the post, it was mentioned that the Samsung device in question was a 2011 Samsung Galaxy Note. We are talking about a phone that was produced 5 years ago being compared with the latest from Apple.

Fact is, if you are going to compare two devices, it is fair that you make the variables a level playing field for both parties. It is obvious that the latest iPhone is a million times faster and better than the 2011 Galaxy Note.

It is almost like comparing Hussein Bolt to a snail.

Samsung Galaxy Note, iPhone 6S, Android, IOs, US Army
iPhone vs Samsung Galaxy

Anyway, for context, you can check this Consumer Reports research that crowned the latest Samsung Galaxy phone as the best smartphone in the market right now. That is, it is even better than the iPhone 6s. And we are not even talking about the latest Galaxy Note device that usually have better specs than the smaller Galaxy handsets.

If the US Army decide to make an official announcement about the change, it would be nice to tell us the real reasons they picked an iPhone over a Samsung Android phone.

Is it because of all the security breaches related to the Android OS? Until we get the official word, I am comfortably stuck with the idea that it is all about patriotism. There is no shame in been patriotic.


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