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To prevent exam leaks, the only reasonable thing the Ethiopian government thought to do is to shut down the internet. One would not be in the dark as to where this inspiration comes, as sometime back, the Cameroonian government also shut down internet in the anglophone speaking parts of the country.

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This singular act by the country might not have much of an effect as Ethiopia has one of the lowest internet and mobile connectivity rates in the world (Quartz), as a matter of fact, less than 4% of the population has internet access.

For the country to think the internet would spread the leaked exams, then I think the real issue here is the fact that the exams are leaked in the first place. Maybe they have always had a bad precedence of leaked exam questions.

On Tuesday, while Ethiopian students (comprising of 1.2 million 10th graders and additional 300,000+ 12th-grade students) were preparing to sit for exams on Wednesday, the country’s internet was shut down to prevent exam leaks.

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Truth be told, I must say that this is a very bad precedence that Cameroon has laid. It won’t be funny if almost all countries start taking after this step once they witness any minor thing in their country. Why would you ever shut down the internet?

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