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The importance of security when it comes to online activities cannot be bargained for any other thing. This is because once something is out there, its out there and no going back. So one has to take precautionary measures so it doesn’t get out.

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Whatsapp, in a bid to make users more comfortably and feel more secure using the app – especially after launching features like the End-to-end encryption – has just introduced a two step verification process.

This verification process is to ensure that no one can access or verify your number without inserting a 6 digit pass code. You would provide an email to enable you reset it once you forget.

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The update was made active on Android. And it is also available on iOS and Windows. So to activate it, go to your Whatsapp Settings, Account, Two-step verification, Enable.

After that, you’ll be asked to set a 6-digit passcode and an email address that will be used to reset your passcode in case you forget it. Although WhatsApp says it will prompt you to enter your code from time to time in order to help you remember it.

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This would come handy in scenarios where you misplaced your Sim card or phone and you want to re register the lost number on whatsapp. You will be require to input this 6 digit pass code to enable you register. This would put an end to anonymous registration of numbers on whatsapp.


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