The concept of sharing your current location is an effective way of answering the question where you are when you are asked.  It is suggested as a great a great way to share ones location with a person instead of having to explain that you are on your way.

This new Feature to WhatsApp has been available on Facebook messenger, imessage, Snapchat and Foursquare until now with WhatApp which also came with a some what unique twist.

This new feature will be available on both Android and iPhone soon, and it will be accessed the same way you’d normally send your location. But now with the option of not just to put a pin on the map where you are, but to let them track you continuously for a duration of your choosing. Available lenghts of time for you to choose from are fifteen minutes, an hour and eight hours plus of course the option of you turning off location sharing manually if you do wish to conceal your movements or location. (A version of this feature was tested earlier this year.)

One use for this that seems actually quite helpful is making sure someone gets home all right. There are a few safety apps out there already, but this is a simpler way to keep track of someone if you can’t walk or drive them home yourself. Plus, it’s on a widely used cross-platform app that isn’t Messenger.

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