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For movie buffs, a search engine dedicated only to movies is a very good idea. It is obvious how a service like that could be the number one bookmarked site on their browser. And that is why the usefulness of a website like whatismymovie.com is very apparent. Imagine you are in conversation with a friend or friends about films, and you suddenly realized you’ve forgotten the name of a movie, that just a few moments ago, was at the tip of your tongue, whatismymovie.com promises to help you dig up the name of that movie in quick time.


Whatismymovie.com, which is barely a year old and still in beta, claims it has catalogued over 40,000 films between the 1990’s and mid 2015. That is a lot of movies, but frankly speaking, not near enough. Within that time frame, hundreds of thousands of movies have being released around the world. Unless, whatismymovie.com is going to restrict its catalog to popular blockbusters. Anyway, if you need information on classic films pre-1990, whatismymovie.com is definitely not the place to check. For now.

The website is powered by Valossa, one of the most advanced AI video analysis platform. Valossa is able to instantly analyse any video. After analyzing the video it categorizes the result into thousands of variables like quotes, soundtracks, technology used to shoot the video, actors, production company, year of production, budget, etc. What Valossa AI does is very sophisticated. The end result is, all the components parts of a video are broken down to its basic units and categorized.

According to whatismymovie.com:

“Whatismymovie.com has been developed by the tech team of Valossa that has its roots in the Computer Science and Engineering research conducted at the University of Oulu. We have an extensive research background on automatic content recognition and video data analysis. The demonstrations on this site have been developed for research purposes and Proof of Concept for the industry. Deep Content technology has also been piloted with the broadcasters for TV content.

We have analyzed approximately 40,000 movies for the demonstration. Deep Content means digital multimedia content data that is not being indexed by traditional search engines.”


To use whatismymovie.com, go the the website. Lets say you know the name of the actor but need to be reminded of a film he starred in, just input the name in the search bar and click search. A list of movies the actor starred will be shown to you. Easy enough. You can also use a famous quote in the movie to get the name of the movie.

I tried using quotes to bring up the name of a movie. First off, I tried the famous ‘I’ll be back‘ from the first Terminator movie. The result was several movies including said Terminator. Fair enough. Then I tried ‘Zed’s dead baby, Zed’s dead‘ from the iconic crime movie Pulp Fiction. The result came up with Pulp Fiction along with some other movies. This could be a useful search engine indeed.


Apart from helping you with a movie title, whatismymovie.com also gives you the option of watching the film. Clicking the Watch now button, would direct you to a site like Amazon where you can buy the film.

As a specialist search engine, whatismymovie.com is the kind of site that would appeal mostly to people whose business is all about movies. For the general public, using Google to search for movie info is what they are used to. And they would keep on using Google for a long time. But creating a smartphone app would help boost the popularity of the service am sure.

photo credits: whatismymovie.com

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