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The first and the only desktop and mobile gaming conference in the whole of West Africa is to take place in Lagos starting from October, the precise have not been announced. The three days event will see games developers and enthusiasts converge in making WAGE in the third year a successful one

This year own West African Games Expo tagged WAGE 16 according to the official website, the focus of this year event is aim to introduce educational gaming, game designing, game development and game playing to the local African community. WAGE will educate attendees about game development, generating revenue from gaming and create a lower barrier of entry for games distributors and publishers.


The WAGE 16 conference aims to educate attendees on steps they need to take to be successful in the global gaming industry, tools, and resources available to developers working in the region and create a networking atmosphere where potential game developers can learn and meet the experts


The one held last year, in the same Lagos, saw participants from different age gap and from major companies and countries. Google send their representative as well as Kaplan University, and the Bournemouth University among others in  attendance.


Persons that are expected to be there in this year even are parents, educational institutions, the government, teachers, gaming enthusiast, and everybody that has the minutest interest in gaming.

Attendees will be educated on game development, generating revenue from gaming and how they  can break into the tech industry through gaming.

The event expo is an initiative of Afric Games, and the major audience are students between the ages of 10 — 18, 18 — 25 , ICT Professionals / Games developers.

As techpoints.ng put it” the even already in its third year of existence, the expo and aims to shift the attention of the world to the African gaming industry which has loads of overlooked prospects and growth potentials. Introducing educational gaming, game designing, game development and game playing to the  local African community.”

WAGE website
WAGE website

Participants interested in hosting game development training and animation classes can do so by contacting info@westafricangamingexpo.com or visiting the WAGE 16 website.



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