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Alas, we were all wrong, Apple’s big event wasn’t set for march 15 but rather March 21. Or it could be the Tech giant decided on a last minute change of plans. Earlier Reports from 9to5Mac and BuzzFeed News suggested that the iphone maker was planning a march 15th date for its big product release next month.
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Honestly, with Apple, you are not really sure of anything, not even the color of your next iPhone. Citing an unnamed source, Korean website, UnderKG first reported the notion of a date change early last week. The site reported that Apple employees have been asked to keep the days around March 22 free, presumably for an upcoming event. It is not clear if the event was moved or if this was the timing Apple had always had in mind. Nonetheless, if true, that would be seven days later than was previously rumored.

Its however advisable to take the latest reports with cautious optimism, as the said South Korean site, UnderKG doesn’t really have a history of reporting exclusive and true Apple related rumors. The site did however get it hands on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus before the were released. The change of dates may be true, but a lot of other things remain the same. Apple is still expected to use the event to highlight a smaller 4inch iPhone, a revamped iPad and few tweaks to the Apple Watch line.

Production (or at least preparation for production) of the 4-inch iPhone is said to have begun since last year head of the anticipated March announcement. The device is said to boast a metal-backed, curved-edge design similar to the current iPhone 6s with refreshed internals like an A9 processor and NFC support for Apple Pay. The new iPhone is basically going to be an iPhone 5S with the internals of an iPhone 6S. The new iPhone is rumored to be called, “iPhone 6c”, “iPhone 5se” and subsequently “iPhone Se”(finally I hope). While the internals are revamped to reflect hardware improvements made by Apple recently, the physical appearance will still very much mirror the iPhone 5s, except with the rumored possible “slightly curved edges”. It is also rumoured the new iPhone will retail for $450 a piece for the 16GB model, same price as the iPhone 5s with options for a 32GB and 64GB model too.
iPhone 5se schematics

Similarly, According to supposedly leaked schematics published to the Web early last week, Apple’s next-gen 4-inch iPhone, going by the more favoured “iPhone 5se,” name will sport a design very similar to the current iPhone 6/6s series. The new iPhone model Will reportedly boast an aesthetic nearly identical to the company’s existing top-end iPhones, a design launched in 2014 with the iPhone 6. Not much is known about Apple’s return to the 4-inch smartphone market, though rumors surrounding the device have been floating for almost a year now. Though only thing we are sure of (or at least we think we are) is that official info on the 4incher will be available publicly come March.

Also, our earlier report on the new iPhone annoucement had previously erroneously referred to such a device (the new ipad) as an “iPad Air 3,”. New rumors published this week alleges that Cupertino might instead choose to rebrand it with the iPad Pro moniker found on the 12.9-inch model.

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