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As at this moment, I want to believe no one on the face of the ‘tech earth’ is alien to the tragedy that befell the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone which made it a victim of two recalls and stigma from a majority of the smartphone user.

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Many people have affirmed that the Lithium-ion batteries used in the Note 7 device was a ,major culprit that led to most of the explosions witnessed. But then, maybe Samsung didn’t think that way or maybe there was a particular problem with the Lithium-ion batteries which they have now fixed. Anyways, our point is, they had to use this same batteries for the Samsung Galaxy S8 device too.

I might not know why they did that, but it must have been that the battery itself was no culprit itself, maybe it was as a result of any other structure that was not properly placed in the phone. But then, we are not here to talk about the Note 7. Its all in the past now.

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So someone tried to slice through the Samsung Galaxy S8 device (which also means slicing through its battery) to see if it would explode. Normally, if same was done to the Note 7, we already would have known the outcome before even doing it. But did the Samsung Galaxy S8 explode? Stay with me.

Instead of catching fire as you might envisage, the battery emitted smoke, you could also see that it became bloated. But no fire whatsoever. The Samsung S8 has refused to toe the parts of the Samsung Note 7. But what awaits us with the Samsung Note 8. I wouldn’t know.

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You might be wondering why the Samsung S8 did not explode, right? Well, what Samsung did differently, though, was to harden the battery so it won’t explode under destructive situations. It was in a bid to put this to test, that popular YouTube channel “What’s inside” and JerryRigEverything tried to slice through the Galaxy S8 which also meant slicing through its battery.

But then, Samsung got away with this one. You van watch the video HERE

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