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Cape, South African Wi-Fi monitoring company has been chosen by VAST Networks, SA’s leading Wi-Fi providing and SA’s first open access company to monitor its broad range Wi-Fi network.

Cape as the name sounds (lol) is based in Cape Town, SA. Cape is a hardware and an SaaS(Software as a Service) company with the aim of seeking the Internet’s betterment.

You must be wondering how Cape is going to go about the Wi-Fi monitoring. Well, it does this through its newly launched “Cape Sensor” which makes monitoring of Wi-Fi network and application quality extremely easy and requiring less effort for IT and network professionals. The company also determines the quality and condition of network with another monitoring product “Cape Dashboard“.

Numerous locations which includes hospitals, airports, malls, offices and restaurants across South Africa will have Cape Sensors installed by VAST Networks. Cape Dashboard will also be installed along with Cape Sensor to help monitor performance of Wi-Fi by the end-user.

Cape Sensors and Dashboard show us exactly how end-users are experiencing our network” said Khetan Gajjar, CTO of VAST Networks. He also said “Providing high-quality Wi-Fi to our venues, service provider partners, and end-users is our top priority and we want to ensure that they consistently receive unparalleled speeds and services.”

Well, VAST Networks has already been helped by Cape in decreasing site visits thereby increasing efficacy of the network and making known troubleshoot issues with the Wi-Fi access.

The business agreement is one that strengthens the bond between the two organisations. This was what CEO and co-founder of Cape, David Wilson had to say about it “We see VAST Networks as the leading Wi-Fi provider in South Africa and are proud to strengthen our relationship with them,” the CEO of VAST Networks also stated out this opinion by saying “Building the partnership with Cape is important to us.”

Cape is empowering both experts and non-experts alike to monitor and improve networks by putting together monitoring products that’s comfortable to utilize.

Truly, this appears to be a strong move forward in improving the internet access through Wi-Fi available to South African users.

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