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Well, I must say that I was a bit excited when I first heard this, but as time went on, and I thought deeply about its feasibility, let me say I was a bit skeptical about it. But then, we have to be optimistic right? Also putting in mind that optimism shouldn’t let you lose your common sense.

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So, UNN has established a technology incubator called Roar Nigeria Hub which is very lovely. To breed talents, it important that we have and maintain as many of those as possible. We should have more hubs everywhere possible, especially in and around university and polytechnic communities. See some reasons why we launched the campaign of one startup lab, one university.

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The height of it then came when the school said that the hub will soon start producing laptops – and tractors too – for the market. While we must be optimistic and hope for the best too, I also think we should be realistic to a large extent.

First, would the school be able to produce these laptops at very competitive prices, given the economic situation of the country, because a product that cannot be purchased by consumers, or preferred over other products in that same market should have no business being a product at all.

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Instead, I think the school should fine tune their statement and consider the option of assembling these laptops and tractors. Even known phone brands are limited when it comes to having a manufacturing plant in Nigeria. It shouldn’t be just about optimism now, but more about reality.

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