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For me, when it comes to gadgets, Made in the U.S sounds cool, made in Germany quite cool but ‘Made at Home’ kills it all. Dreaming of a gadget that you obviously can get or fantasizing of those that are way above your pay grade happens to almost everyone, but it never actually helps the situation in any way. Nonetheless, a few people obviously didn’t just stop at fantasizing, they made substantial efforts to get their dream gadgets, no matter how mediocre. Obviously blessed with ‘sligtly too much’ time, these otherwise normal men and women have made themselves inventors and innovators overnight. Ok, some of them are probably more than just gadgets, gears or gizmos, but the still cool all the same. Here goes the hall of fame;

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During an aggresive demolition drive in central China’s Henan province, a Chinese man by the surname ‘Zhou’ knew his house was obviously under threat of forceful demolition. After various attempt to protect his home from demolition didn’t go down well with authorities he thought of better ideas – build 6 bloody cannons. Made entirely by himself by home sourced materials, what happened to the demolishing team is a story for the gods.

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The Million dollar question is, What’s the coolest way to go sea cruising? Forget those luxurious yatch that cost so much like NASA’s space station or those million dollars Russian submarines. The coolest way to go sea cruising is building your own damn sea plane. Two aviation fans certainly got my gist, they built for themselves right at their Guangzhou home in southern China’s Guangdong province a water plane With a wingspan of just 2 metres. They obviously don’t like a lot of company, so the customized fit for only two passengers – actually, only themselves, if you want a ride then go build one yourself.

Mr.Hu, who suffers from kidney disease got tired of paying exorbitant dialysis fee in a local hospital, but he needed the dialysis anyway, so he did what any ingenious dude in his position would do – he improvised. Hu decided to make his own dialysis machine, he made it from kitchen utensils and old medical iinstruments. The machine works like an external kidney. It is made up of two compartments that are connected by a membrane and Hu has used the machine to keep himself alive for 16 years!

For 17 year old Archie Whitehead, the dream of getting his own favourite super hero costume had gotten out of hand, so he had to do something about it. Why wait for the gadget to turn up on the shelves of local stores when you can build one yourself. For Archie who lives just 20 miles outside of London – it meant building an amazing and highly realistic costume of iron man. The homemade iron man suit is so good that you can barely distinguish it from the one used in the movie. Unless of course you want to take a bullet with it.

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Do you love your car? well how far are ready to go to prove it? Well, an Australian guy simply known as peter who runs a website – TeslaDownUnder was willing and able to go quite far. Perhaps bored with the boring car security system in place that might never work, peter decided to get a little too creative. He built a working “Tesla coil car security gadget”, one that actually electrocutes any slightly insane dude that is brave enough to attempt stealing the car when the Tesla thingy is activated.

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