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Cab hailing platform, Uber has gone a step further to launch another feature on its platform and this one’s called the UberPOOL feature. This feature is also called the ‘Driver Destinations’ and is meant to help driver-partners automatically link to riders/trips headed in the same direction at the beginning and end of their working day. This will sure allow driver-partners to continue earning even while on their way home and begin earning earlier as they head out of home.

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The new feature will allow driver-partners to set their destination twice a day, at the period they want to be matched only with riders or passengers traveling in a similar direction. The new feature has been rolled out as an option to all drivers across the entire continent.

It is very good that Uber, unlike when they had to slash taxi prices, now put their drivers into proper considerations and giving them an opportunity to earn even more than they do presently.

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To access the feature,

  1. Drivers need to be logged into their driver application
  2. Tap the clipboard icon on the top right corner of the app
  3. Either select a saved location or search for a new address.

Once they start driving toward the destination, Uber will automatically filter requests for trips along the way.

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With this new feature, driver-partners would continue earning even while they are on their way into the city from home and on their way home. Uber can then be said to be one step closer to realizing its goal as a company, which is to get more people into less cars thereby increasing economic opportunities for its driver-partners and ultimately reducing congestion on roads.

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