uber shows support for NuliJuice

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On Thursday, September 8, 2016 between 8 – 11am, Uber users in Lagos will be able to order breakfast from Nuli Juice for N2000. This partnership is Uber’s way of supporting Nuli Juice in light of the recent destruction of one of their stores. If you live in Lagos (or Nigeria, for that matter), you probably heard about the Nuli store in Ikoyi that got demolished last week. It was very heartbreaking news, to be honest – that store opened only a few jweeks ago – and there was a lot of talkabout how the government needs to help SMEs instead of tearing them down (no pun intended).

uber shows support for NuliJuice
uber shows support for NuliJuice

The fruit juice and meals cafe at 8, Rumens Road, which was affected by the demolition received sympathies on social media after its owners condemned authorities for not issuing a prior notice. “How do you show up at 8.30 a.m. with bulldozers and armed police to terrorise shop owners, and then proceed to level their stores and property to the ground with no prior notice?” Ada Osakwe, Nuli Juice founder, said in a post on Twitter. “Even squatters have rights.”

A few people decided to support the company by patronising them, and now, Uber is making it easier for others who want to do the same. According to Uber, “We heard about the recent loss of the Nuli Juice store in Ikoyi an d we’re happy to see that the city has come together in its true spirit to show support. In the spirit of celebrating entrepreneurship and new beginnings, we’ve teamed up with the resilient Nuli Team to deliver some delicious Nuli goodness to your doorstep.

”How it works:

*.Open the Uber app between 8am and 11am on Thursday, 8th September.

*.Slide over to the UberNuli option and request. A car will arrive at your location and deliver a Nuli combo (the combo includes a Fiesty chicken wJrap and a small juice for N2000).

*.Pay either through the app or cash to the driver.

It’s great to see businesses help each other. If you want to show your support for Nuli Juice, this is definitely one way to do it – place your order this Thursday.

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