UberBOAT transport service in egypt

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In the most creative way possible to beat the monstrous in Cairo, and allow users to get to their destination faster than usual, Uber has launched its on-demand boat transport service in Egpyt’s capital.

The service which has been named UberBOAT, allows users to hail/request a boat on the Uber app, the exact same way they’ll do for an Uber taxi, for a cruise to their destination. Knowing fully well that they (Uber) do not make boats, they have partnered with Nile Taxi, a private transport company providing boat services across the Nile River, to offer the service.

UberBOAT transport service in egypt
UberBOAT transport service in egypt

According to Abdellatif Waked, the General Manager, Uber Egypt, he said “We are very excited to partner up with Nile Taxi to launch UberBoat in Cairo, providing our riders with more options to commute within Cairo without traffic,”

The service, UberBOAT has commenced operations on May 17th. Currently, they are available at 10 main docking stations in Zamalek, Downtown, Garden City, Giza and Maadi. The docking stations include TGI Fridays, The Platform, Yacht Club (Members Only) in Maadi, and TGI Fridays and Sea Scout in Giza. Others are Sequoia, Le Bon (Sawi Culture Wheel) and Le Pacha 1900 in Zamalek, Four Seasons in Garden City, and Nile City Towers at the Nile Corniche.

The general manager further stated that “We are continuously working to make Cairo more accessible in various ways, and since our launch in Egypt, we have been introducing different transportation methods, such as Uber Tuktuk, Uber Hantour, and now UberBoat to provide our riders with reliable and comfortable transportation options,”



Open your Uber app

Request UberBOAT and choose a docking station

Specify the destination.

A boat arrives within 15 minutes and in no time they’re cruising to their destination, beating the Cairo traffic and at the same time enjoying the amazing atmosphere the Nile River offers. Great experience.

On a side note, what would you say about the possibility of such in Nigeria?

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