Twitter to discontinue vine

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Well this is Nigeria and I’m pretty sure a good number of people does not know about anything called Vine – no thanks to YouTube. Anyway, let me come to your rescue, even though you might not need to know about it anymore in very little time.

vine logo
Vine logo

Vine is a short-form video sharing service where users can share six-second-long looping video clips. The service was founded in June 2012, and American microblogging website Twitter acquired it in October 2012, just before its official launch.

Users’ videos are published through Vine’s social network and can be shared on other services such as Facebook and Twitter. Vine’s app can also be used to browse through videos posted by other users, along with groups of videos by theme, and trending, or popular, videos.

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While Vine enjoys the support of Twitter, it competes with others such as Instagram and Mobli. As of December 2015 Vine has 200 million active users.

But today, we now hear of a different story which would bring an end to the Vine app as the parent company, Twitter has decided to kill it.

Twitter to discontinue vine
Twitter to discontinue vine

In move which might be rather surprising, Twitter announced on Thursday that it will be discontinuing the Vine mobile app in the coming months. This announcement comes after Twitter also confirmed plans to lay off approximately 9 percent of its global workforce, or about 350 workers, as part of a company restructuring.

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According to Twitter CEO CEO Jack Dorsey in a statement today about the restructuring said the company plans to focus on driving growth by improving the core Twitter service, “We have a clear plan, and we’re making the necessary changes to ensure Twitter is positioned for long-term growth,”

Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO
Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO

Well, killing vine might to me, is on course to positioning for long-term growth for the embattled twitter. But as disappointing as it may sound, there are a million and one other things they need to structure if they really would achieve that “long term growth”, and this includes repackaging twitter itself as customers are really getting bored on that platform which explains the drop in number of users per month and tweets per day.

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Moving on, Twitter plans to leave the Vine website up and keep all existing Vines online. This would enable us to show our generations unborn the website of a failed video sharing platform – at least on Nigeria. Have you ever downloaded vine? What would you miss about it?

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