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As is expected of any company, products update should be made to increase user base or keep the already loyal ones very satisfied. Since it all seem like twitter isn’t getting any more users, at least maybe for now, they are trying to keep the ones they have satisfied and this they might have done by releasing this new update.


You will surely have experienced the frustration that comes with trying to put all your thoughts in one tweet, where you are limited to just 140 characters including the twitter handle of the person you are tweeting at. This could be very not cool, especially if you’ve not made your point known and the 140 characters is exhausted.

Twitter's newest update
Twitter’s newest update

More frustrating is the scenario where the person’s handle is very long that it takes more than half of 140 characters – that’s on a lighter note though.

With Twitter’s new update, when you reply to someone or a group, those @usernames won’t count toward your Tweet’s 140 characters. I think this is absolutely the best thing to do after increasing the number of characters from 140. That’s too small for my liking.

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And it is not just this update. They have also made a two to three more updates which might be to your liking, or not. But then, I appreciate Twitter’s concern over giving is a feel that they haven’t forgotten us on the twitter platform. Not much people are there nowadays. Other updates include:

*Who you are replying to will appear above the Tweet text rather than within the Tweet text itself, so you have more characters to have conversations.

*You can tap on “Replying to…” to easily see and control who’s part of your conversation.

*When reading a conversation, you’ll actually see what people are saying, rather than seeing lots of @usernames at the start of a Tweet.


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Well, according to twitter, It’s now easier to follow a conversation, so you can focus on what a discussion is about, and who is having it. Also, with all 140 characters for your replies, you have more room to participate in group conversations.

On a personal note, I think twitter is trying very hard not to be forced to kill itself off like it did Vine. They have surely had a dwindled user base but let’s hope thy have plans cooking to increase their numbers.

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