Twitter Moments expanded

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That not many people know about Twitter Moments show how far behind Twitter has fallen. At first I thought Twitter Moments is a similar to Facebook’s Moments, a photo app.

Twitter Moments expanded
Twitter Moments

But no, Twitter Moments, apart from the name, has no resemblance to Facebook’s Moments.

The news coming out of Twitter is that there would soon be an upgrade to Moments so that all users can take advantage of the service.

Moments, which was officially launched in October last year, is a sort of news curating service. It arranges a series of tweets sequentially according to how they were posted to form a sort of story of all the snippets related to the story.

Twitter Moments expanded
Twitter Moments

Before this latest announcement, Moments was only available to major public figures and big media houses. While the Twitter team can also create Moments out of any users tweets if they deem the tweets worthy.

Though only certain users could create Moments, it was available to all users of Twitters to see. All one had to do was to hit the Moments icon at the bottom of your device’s Twitter app. On the Twitter web page, the moment icon is a bigger though.

Tapping or clicking the icon would present the user with a new screen showing all the most important news of the day as curated by Moments. To see all the stories in each trending twit, all you need do is swipe or click that particular story.

Twitter Moments expanded
Twitter Moments

The imminent expansion of Moments was announced on a blog post by Gaby Pena, Product Manager at Twitter:

When things happen in the world, people come to Twitter to see, experience and comment about what’s happening as it unfolds. The stories and voices aren’t always expressed through a single Tweet – they unfold across multiple Tweets and involve various points of view. Moments allow people to capture and experience richer stories reflecting the diversity of Tweets that, together, make Twitter so powerful.

To date, Moments have been created by our curation team and a select group of publishing partners but it’s always been our goal to open up this creative canvas to more people. Today, we’re excited to announce that a broader group of creators will be making Moments, including influencers, partners, brands… and in the coming months, everyone.

By extending this creative format to more people, and eventually to everyone on Twitter, we are giving people a new and dynamic way to tell their stories.”

Make no mistake about it. Twitter has been facing tough times in the last one year. The problem for Twitter is rather simple. New users are not signing up for Twitter anymore.

Twitter Moments expanded
Twitter Moments

Upgrades like Moments are all part of the attempt to make the service more exciting again. The most recent update to make Twitter more attractive to users was the ability to easily get a verified Twitter account.

Another update was the introduction of a Snapchat-like feature to Periscope that would allow users to draw simple sketches on live videos using three colors. This feature could be seen as a response to the report that Snapchat recently overtook Twitter in the number of people who use the respective services daily. The news must have alarmed Twitter because it underlines just how far people are getting bored with Twitter.

And remember, once upon a time, Twitter was so popular and so refreshing it was touted as the next biggest social forum to take over from Facebook. Years later,, Facebook has left Twitter so far behind it is almost hard to believe they were once competing against each other.

As for how this new update would affect Twitter’s user base, it is very hard to tell. At a guess, I don’t think it would do much to reverse Twitter’s fortunes. The one thing that could really kick things off for Twitter is the removal of the character limit.

Twitter must pull all the stops if they want to become relevant again. But even then, it might be too late for them.


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