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So normally, you cannot receive messages on twitter from someone that you’re not following, which is a very good thing as it’d tend to reduce inbox spam. But twitter has a way to keep inbox spam at bay, while also allowing anybody (following or not) to contact you. See how it works.

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Twitter is rolling out a feature that suggests that DMs from strangers will be segregated from the messages you are concerned about.

The change to DMs only applies if your account is set to allow messages from people you don’t follow. In such a case, new direct messages from these people will start going into a separate “Requests” tab. When you accept a request, it gives room for that person to send you DMs that would now appear in your main inbox. DMs from the people you follow will as usual, be delivered in your inbox.

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This update will only be visible in Twitter’s own products, which includes the official app or website. As of present, it is not known if developers will be able to implement anything similar to this in their third-party apps, but if they do, it’d be great for them.

So do not hesitate to send that message to that person you have been waiting for to follow you so you can talk. If they then want to talk, they’d accept your request, that’s if they even check the tab at all. Who else thinks celebrities now have a lot of work to do.

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