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TubeMate is the reason I have so many YouTube videos on my smartphone. It is the perfect answer to, ‘How can I download YouTube videos on my smartphone?’ You would be surprised the number of times I’ve heard that question. Because I have being using TubeMate for so long, I just took it for granted downloading videos from YouTube was common knowledge.


On the other hand, some people wonder why you just don’t stream the videos directly instead of loading up your smartphone’s storage with videos. For me, there are two reason why I prefer to download the videos:

  1. Streaming videos or music uses up more data than just downloading. That is one of the facts of the Internet I don’t really understand. But that is how it is. And of course, it is all about saving money on data. In spite of the new data prices announced recently by our service providers, data is still very expensive. Unless I have unlimited data before I can go down the streaming route. However, I can afford to stream very short videos.
  2. I can watch the videos offline anytime I want. And because I have the videos in my smartphone storage, I can transfer them as many times as I want to my friends without thinking of costs.

Download and Install TubeMate

To download TubeMate, you need about 10 MB of data. Though the apk is not up to 6MB, to be on the safe side, just ensure you have that amount of data to your credit. Of course you must have enough space in your storage to accommodate the apk. Delete  some unwanted files if your device is warning you about lack of enough space. After downloading, just proceed to install the file. On Play Store, installing a file is automatic. Unfortunately the app is not available there. The best place to get the apk is the official website. Open the file after installation and you are now ready to download as much videos as you want.

How to use TubeMate

To use TubeMate is very easy. Sometimes I wished all apps are this simple. To download, just tap the search bar at the top of the screen. Then type out the keywords of the video you are looking for. TubeMate would then bring out your video and so many other videos for you to choose from.

Another way is to copy the YouTube video url and paste it in the TubeMate search bar. I normally use this method if somebody shares a YouTube video on a website. So instead of hitting the play button, I’d just copy the video url and paste it on TubeMate.


The actual download is all about the downwards-pointing green arrow. The first time you hit the arrow at the top of the TubeMate UI, it would parse the video in a few seconds and a window opens to show various video resolution you can chose from. Your choice of resolution depends on the amount of data you have and the quality of video you want. The higher the resolution, the more data needed to download the video.


Finally, after selecting your resolution, hit the download button (green arrow again) at the bottom of the new window. The video will be downloaded in a bit. The time taken to complete the download is dependent on network strength and size of data.


That is all. You can now download as many YouTube videos as you want on your smartphone. Since the app is  free, it has many ads. So remember to kill it after using it so it doesn’t use up data in the background. I use Droidwall to selectively disable it from using my data after I finish. But any good firewall would do the same thing.

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