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I had to include ‘an average Nigerian’ just so we are clear. It is evident how popular some phones applications are, but inspite of this, there are still those ones that most of us cannot do without having. It is just like the apps – about to be listed – are an integral part of our life.

Please do note that this list might not be a reflection of everybody’s view, but I make bold to say it is a reflection of many people’s. Stay with me as I show you ten applications many Nigerians cannot do without.

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1. Whatsapp

With over a billion users, Whatsapp has fast rose to prominent status in Nigeria. It would be very fair to say almost 90%, if not more of everyone using a smartphone has this instant messaging app installed. The app which swiftly took the whole from 2go claims to be an integral part of our day to day. Is your day complete without using Whatsapp?

2. Facebook

One would begin to wonder at this point what Mark Zuckerberg has done to charm us. All his products are a literal part of what we can’t do without. Even those without a smartphone also has facebook on their phone. Just like Whatsapp, most people can’t do without this app.

3. Instagram

And yet, another Mark product. Nowadays, it seems like the slay queens and kings have started a “one morning, one instagram photo” campaign. Without their daily photos updates on instagram, I’m not sure they would survive. It is now very much surprising, and commendable too that the first three products listed here are an output of one man. Okay.

4. Candy Crush

If you are a Nigerian, and you can do without having Candy Crush on your phone, then you probably do not have a smartphone. It’s possible you’re using a feature phone which explains why. The level of addiction of smartphone users to this game app is on the very high side. I was already thinking it is a Mark product.

5. Xender

Once upon a time, there was the reign of Bluetooth. While Bluetooth still reigns on feature phones, it was brought to an abrupt halt by the advent of the Xender file share app. No smartphone user can conveniently do without having the app on their device. An alternative to this is the flash share app.

6. Messenger

Errm.. It is not surprising why this does not follow suit with the trend of Mark products, even if it is one. Though, not as popular as its ‘brothers’, it is relatively popular too. I could remember when facebook blocked messaging on it main app, so you must have a messenger app if you want to send and receive messages on facebook. This drove it’s popularity.

7. Twitter

If this was two to three years back, I’d have named the twitter app over the instagram, but sorry twitter, that was in the past. A new sheriff is in town. Still yet, even if this app is witnessing a number or sort of decline, it’d be fair to still classify it as one of the most popular apps an average Nigerian would have on their smartphone.

8. Gmail

Almost everyone has an email address. If you don’t, you’re probably in junior secondary school. The most popular email service presently is Google mail, and if you don’t have the Gmail app on your smartphone, let’s assume you don’t have a smartphone. Gmail has surely taken all the shine from the Yahoo days.

9. 4 Pics, 1 Word

Out of the many game apps that have rocked the Nigerian scene for a very long time now, one remarkable and part of the most popular is the 4 Pics, 1 word game. The game witnessed a lot of popularity and almost every smartphone user had the app.

10. Chrome

Thanks to the fact that this browser app is always pre installed on most android phones, it could pass as the most popular browser app. Nigeria isn’t left out in this case.


So there we have it, the ten most popular apps on the smartphone of an average Nigerian. Do you know any app worthy of mention, let us know about it in the comment box below.

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