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There are backpacks and then there are smart backpacks. The idea of a smart backpack may not exactly give you this epic feeling of “butterflies in your stomach”, but if you are the type that appreciates smart, plain genius or just cool gadgets then you might want to save some extra bucks for this one. Sure backpacks that come with batteries installed aren’t exactly a new invention neither is it going to put you in forbes list of “Owners of costliest backpacks ever” (that’s if such category even exist), but the way this new smart backpack by Ampl is packaged is damn productive or better still just very cool. The backpack has swappable backup batteries that can charge anything from a smartphone, tablets, PDAs to a laptop. Its get even better; the 6 Pound piece of gadget weighs as little as it can, considering you will be virtually moving about with a power bank on your back.
ampl lab smart backpack
Image credit: Ampl labs

The Smart Backpack comes with seven cute USB outlets, one in each pocket of the bag, and one smartphone pocket on the shoulder strap. Plug any gadget into one of the USBs and the bag will send the power where it’s needed. With the accompanying Ampl app, which helps you smartly control which gadgets gets electric juice first. The app also lets you see the bag’s battery levels and keep tabs on the sensors in the bag, which measure temperature and humidity.
ampl smart backpack
Image credit: CNET

The backpack might be solely a prototype but the dedesires are relentless in pushing in a few extra features albeit make the existing ones more consumer friendly and physically appealing. Notably among them is a wireless storage, where the bag would have a built-in hard drive and you’d be able to access files stored on it remotely. The current prototype features a simple Bluetooth connectivity that enables the bag can connect with the Ampl app.
ampl smart backpack
Image credit: Ampl

The black coloured smart back pack comes packed with a 5000mAh batteries. By geeks calculation that should charge you iPhone 6 for two times. Though there is still going to be some electric juice left but any sane geek would have to make room for power loss due to resistance. Good as it may be, being able to charge only twice with a backpack this cool isn’t definitely going to go well with a lot of consumers. Obviously informed of this fact, Ampl are also offering models with higher inbuilt battery capacity. There is an option for the 6000mAh, 27000mAh and 42000mAh battery capacity models.The bag has a total storage capacity of 2080 cubic inches and each additionally retrofitted battery wweighs less than a pound.

thing that can fit in
With a capacity of over 2080 cubic inches, a headphone , a keyboard, laptop, T-shirt, pair of sneakers, a tablet, toiletries etc can fit in comfortably without much hassles.
Image credit: Ampl Labs
smart backpack by Ampl
The backpack is a smart combination of technology and culture. its strikes a resounding balance between stylish design and innovative technology. its definitely a bag for the smart gadgets generation.
image credit: Ampl Labs

The backpack will sell between $239 to $459 depending on model and inbuilt battery capacities. That’s roughly between #48,000 to ##72,000 in Nigerian naira at current exchange rates as at the time of filling this review. That’s quite pricy and not really budget friendly. The bag also weighs 6 pounds which may be a little hard on the back considering a consumer would definitely tuck in a few extra pounds of load. However if the promise by Ampl Labs to reduce the empty weight of the backpack is made true and there is a signicant reduction of price along the line then the backpack might just become a global design sensation!.

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