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Let’s stop pretending for a while and be honest with ourselves ( and everybody else) for ones. The first time we viewed one of those SciFi videos or more specifically the legendary ‘Star wars’ movie we all probably had this sudden strange and outrightly weird curiosity – we all wondered whether we could move stuffs by mind control. To make matters worst we probably pointed our hands at every shit we saw around, from the extremely huge (like my refrigerator) to tiny ones (like my kid sister’s half chewed pencil ) trying to move them around. We squatted, stood up, virtually flew just to get the damn thing move but sadly it didn’t. Hey, my detailed explanation does not imply that I tried that, errrrrrm, might be only imaginative thinking. But even if, am sure I wasn’t the only kid who watched “Star Wars” and ventured into moving objects with the determination of my young mind. However, when I read about the force glove, I knew I had definitely missed something back then.

force glove
Stay away dude, or I won’t hesitate to push you off to mars with my badass gloves.

The Force Glove is part of Uncle Milton’s line of Star Wars gadgets designed to teach kids about science through “Star Wars.” It grants the wearer the ability to move objects without touching them. The working mechanism is not really rocket science. A strong magnet is attached to the groove of the glove which helps it attract magnetic materials. One side of the magnet is embossed with the Imperial crest and the other with the Rebel Alliance logo. It comes with a magnetic base and two targets, one with droids and one with a lightsaber (You might want to hit Google if you didn’t get a shit of the last two sentences you just read).

If you have noticed lately, am a big zombie Apocalypse fan. ( that’s if you have been following my post). The force glove won’t help you repel a legion of angry zombies during the mythical Zombie Apocalypse, which according to geeks calculation is happening quite soon, very very soon – that’s approximately the year 9090. Depending on which way you have the magnet set, the glove will either push or pull the target. Its definitely one of those gadgets you can get your kids to make them ease up their request for the outrageously pricy Xbox or PS4 gaming consoles. At least the get to break as much things as they would do with their game console, only this time its going to be your kitchen wares paying the ultimate price.
force glove
…… Depending on which side of the magnet is configured, the glove will either “push” or “pull” the magnetic objects …..
Image credit: CNET

If you are disappointed the glove wasn’t strong enough to ‘pull’ full sized humans or ‘push’ that annoying refrigerator down the stairs, please don’t be – the situation during the creation of both magnets are extremely different. While the creators of this force glove make do with earthly magnets, the Star Wars version in the contrary was forge from “presumably” martian (i mean stuffs from mars, for the not so geeky ones) far way from our humble earth. However, there is still hope, considering NASA has repeatedly hinted that Mars shows signs of life. You never know when martian magnets will start showing up on the shelf of our local store. But considering the glove currently retails for $18 per unit, we should probably expect a price x3 of the current price.

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