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Through the public affairs unit of missions in Nigeria, the United States  Of  America made known last week a proposed awareness campaign with the capability of bringing down Nigeria’s cybersecurity problem to a bearable minimum. The mission’s 14th national cybersecurity awareness month which took place in Lagos was majored on teaching Nigerians, specifically youths on how to avoid and stay clear of cybercriminals.

In the welcome remarks of John Bray the Consul General of The United States Consulate in Lagos said  “every year, billions of dollars are lost through cybercrimes globally. Cybersecurity Ventures predict that the global community will lose more than $6 trillion annually by 2021. “With the number of internet users growing daily, law enforcement officials expect the number of victims to increase as well as the value of their losses. Without good cybersecurity in place, experts estimate that nearly half of the entire G-20 economy will be lost to cybercriminals”.

He continued saying that “for these reasons, the immediate past United States President, Barack Obama, in 2009, called for an increase in education and dialogue about Cybersecurity in the Cyberspace Security Review.” As part of that policy review, Mr. John Bray went on to say that “the Department of Homeland Security, created an ongoing Cybersecurity awareness campaign – Stop.Think.Connect, which is a national public awareness campaign designed to raise awareness of cybersecurity and to be more vigilant about practicing safe online habits.

Meanwhile, Mr. Dolapo Badmus who is the Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, while sending a goodwill message during the event disclosed that the police is about set to create a new unit, the anti-cybercrime unit, specially with the specific goal of dealing with cases of cybercrime.

Mr. Dolapo Badmus explained that the functions of the unit will include creating awareness on many other acts of cyber crimes, asides from the ones classed as yahoo yahoo, which are not common to people. He said this delivering a goodwill message at the 14th National Cybersecurity awareness month put together by the Public Affairs department of the United States of America, US Embassy in Nigeria.

Mr. Dolapo Badmus went on to say that police came to a reach to do this because “people should understand and be aware of the Cybercrime Act which was passed recently. Besides the crimes we categories under the  yahoo yahoo  offences, there are other ones which can fetch the offender, no less than two years of imprisonment. Such crimes include unlawful access into another person’s computer, posting falsehood about someone on social media and a host of others”. He reiterated that “Very soon, the Police force is going to create an anti-cybercrime unit and the officers that will be in this unit will be trained based on the cybercrime law and would be responsible for creating awareness of the law and also arrest and prosecuting offenders of the act”.

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