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Google is obviously never short of surprises for its teaming fans, from showing up with a new logo, reorganising at its administrative level to coming up with completely unexpected devices. The technology giant has added more feathers to its surprise cap with the unveiling of its first in-house designed tablet called the Pixel C . It may look like it, but the Pixel C is a tablet, not a laptop, but it does convert to a laptop-like form factor with the addition of a clever detachable keyboard.Perhaps in a bit to improve build quality, the company decided to design the tablet itself rather than outsourcing like in the HTC built Nexus 9.The Google Pixel C bears some resemblance to the Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 . Running on Google’s android marshmellow the 10.2 inch tablet comes packed with Nvidia Tegra X1 quad-core chip, Maxwell GPU and a fair 3GB of RAM. The tablet boasts a 2,560×1,800-pixel resolution display .
Google pixel c
Image: Google’s Pixel C
Image credit: Android Police

Typical of Google’s devices, the Pixel C uses the USB type-C connector for charging and syncing. The new gadget is built with Qi standard compliant hardwares, meaning it can be charged wirelessly using Wireless Chargers. The Pixel C is available in 32GB and 64GB at the Google store. There is no word when the device will if at all be launched in Nigeria and the price. However, the pricing for the Pixel C is expected to be at $499 for the 32GB model and $599 for the 62GB model.
pixel c tablet
Image credit: Vox-vdn.vom

It comes with a a 308 ppi display and super-bright backlight capable of 500 nits. On its own, the tablet
weighs a little more than a pound — adding
the companion keyboard brings the total
weight to just under two pounds. It’s almost certainly coming with the new $149 detachable smart Bluetooth keyboard that will be fixed to the back of the tablet.

pixel c in laptop mode
Image: Pixel C tablet with keyboard attached
Image credit: Are Technica

The removable keyboard sticks to the tablet only with magnets. When closed, the magnets align the keyboard to the tablet, making for a tidy rectangle. The keyboard can also stick to the back of the device with the screen expos. The keyboard is also perfectly sized to the Pixel tablet and has the same high-quality metal shell. The tablet immediately recognizes when the keyboard is connected
and hides the onscreen keyboard. For some unknown reasons, Google emphasized keeping the main keys you use as close to full size as possible, chopping the width of the tabs and enters on the edges instead. Key travel is longer than you’ll find on a Surface or even on the new MacBook. Considering its running Android Marshmallow update, the pixel c’s display aspect ratio of 1:1.414 is perfect to test the Marshmallow’s experimental multi-window mode.
pixel c keyboard
Image credit: Vox-cdn.com
Pixel C hardware specifications
Operating System
Android 6.0 Marshmallow
10.2 inches
2560×1800, 308 ppi
500 nit brightness
sRGB color gamut
NVIDIA Tegra X1 with Maxwell GPU
Internal storage
32GB or 64GB
Optional Bluetooth wireless keyboard

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