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That you have come this far in reading the novice guide shows how determined you are in getting it right the first time in your desire to get a decent android smartphone.

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So you have checked the battery reviews of the smartphone you finally settled on; one last thing you need to know about battery before we move to the next thing is the capacity of the battery in the specs. The capacity is measured in milliampere hour, or mAh. Don’t worry, the novice guide is not going to bog your down with so many boring technical details. Just know that the mAh is the unit of electrical charge that is commonly used to measure the capacity of a battery. For you, what is of concern is this; a higher mAh rating means a stronger and longer lasting battery. Or to put it another way, a 3000 mAh battery would last longer than a 2000 mAh battery if both are subjected to the same usage. Easy right?

The next point in this novice guide is the display. You have already chosen a screen size, so the next thing you check is the display description. You might come across things like Corning gorilla glass screen that might leave you confused. That just means that the glass is one of the best out there on a mobile device. It is not easily damaged and it is resistant to scratches. But that doesn’t mean if you end up with a Corning gorilla glass display you should test the claims of the OEM by using a sharp needle to scratch the glass. The novice guide would have you know you will be sorely disappointed. So in the readers’ reviews of the phone, also pay attention to what they are saying about the glass, the brightness and visibility of the display in bright light. Generally, good phones have very clear and highly visible display in bright light, especially sunlight when you are outside. Bad phones don’t do well in that aspect.

If you are somebody who is interested in multimedia, paying attention to what the reviews are saying about the camera quality and video playback would be a good thing.

That’s about all you need to do online as a novice or else the novice guide will come across as a tedious exercise designed to make the purchase of a smartphone as difficult as finding a Qualcomm chipset in a mid-range smartphone manufactured in China. Oops! Don’t pay too much attention to the Qualcomm thing. It is just a reference to the makers of the best central processing units, CPUs, found in most smartphones. Other chipsets are from ARM and the MTK CPUs. The MTK is the one found in most phones made in China. Not to worry, performance is more important than the chipset in the phone.

mobile phones shops

Now you are ready to go the market. Add an extra 2000 naira to the cost of the phone in case of a price increase. Confidently walk into a reputable shop and ask for your phone. The novice guide insist that you do the following

  1. Don’t allow the seller to convince you into buying another smartphone just because they don’t have what you need. Most times, they don’t know much about the phones they are selling.
  2. Make sure to unbox the phone in the store and make sure all the accessories listed on the package are inside.

3.Insert the battery and switch it on to make sure it is actually working. Spend about 10 minutes fiddling with the the phone before leaving the shop.

The novice guide to buying a smartphone phone congratulates you on your new android smartphone. Enjoy the ride.

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