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OK you are now ready to join the smartphone bandwagon, in this novice guide to buying a smartphone, we are going to assume a few things as we go along. First of, we are assuming you’ve saved enough to buy a mid-range smartphone, therefore, the first thing this novice guide to buying a smartphone would inform you is you should forget about getting an iPhone. Apple corporation doesn’t do those kinds of phones. They only make gadgets for the top end of the market. Another way of saying their phones are the most expensive in the market, arguably of course.

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Before you set out to the market to start looking for your dream smartphone, the novice guide would advice you to do a little research online. As a novice, you don’t know much about smartphones, but you saw a friend or a colleague at work using a phone you kind of like. So start from there. Ask them the kind of phone they are using, then go online and type the phone’s name in the Google search box. Another assumption this novice guide is going to make is that the colleague or friend’s phone you fell in love with is an Android phone. Android is the rave right now so that won’t be surprising. The search result will would show you so many things. Don’t be alarmed. Just click on the websites one after the other. You will surely get a page that shows you the full specifications. You don’t want to read the whole specifications because they can be confusing to a novice.

Just note down the screen size, battery capacity, operating system, size of the memory and storage capacity. Another assumption by the novice guide is that the screen size matters a lot to you. So note down the screen size of the phone. The operating system is of course android and the storage capacity and memory should also be noted. They all determine how much the phone will cost you. For instance a 1GB RAM phone is more expensive than A 512 MB RAM and less expensive than a 2GB RAM.

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With all these basic specifications noted, you can now research other phones according to models, screen size and storage before you can finally make a choice on the phone you need to buy. Just type out the parameters and key words in Google search. For instance you can type something like ‘5 inch lenovo android phone.’

Next, make sure the phone is not a recently released phone. You need readers’ reviews worldwide to finally make your choice. The novice guide rule of thumb is that the first batch of newly released phones are like test products manufacturers send out to gauge the phones performance in the real world. Subsequent batches normally incorporate improvements based on users feed back. So you don’t want your first smartphone experience to be a nasty one. So look out for a phone that is at least 3 months old since it’s introduction and read reviews and consumers feedback. No phone is 100% perfect. But if you get a phone where the feedback from users is over 80% positive, you can safely go for that phone. The important parameters are of course the battery life, screen resolution, and the performance of the phone’s operating system.

The battery is crucial especially if you are online a lot. The novice guide advices that anything less than five hours of continuous online time from the battery is not good enough for a novice. Constantly charging you phone is a sure way of killing your original battery. As a novice, this guide can categorically tell you that getting a good replacement battery is an exercise in futility, most of the time.

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