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Apple inc. is (in)famously secretive, however like all companies it has to issue a list of patents to the USPTO ( United States Patent & Trademark Office) and these sometimes provide useful hints about its future products before the are officially unveiled. Apple has always sort ways to play smart by disguising its product patents with in-depth technicalities. Nonetheless, all you need is a little curious and sharp mind to decipher the cryptic messages hidden within these patents. In a long drawn review, techproducts brings you what the future holds for the iphone, drawing conclusions from comments from Apple executives, Apple patents and plain wild rumors. It may not come with the iphone 7 or 7s or there about, but chances are, it will definitely show up in the future iPhone – The Symbolic iPhone X.

iPhone X will be Flexible

 flexible iPhone x
Quite a number of smartphone companies are rumored to be either working on bendable or flexible phones or seriously considering the idea of developing one. Apple is not an exception, the company has filed several patents on the possible design of a device with a flexible display and internal components. An Apple patent titled ‘Flexible electronic devices’, with United States Patent Number – 8929085, describes the design of an electronic device ( iPhone x ?) with a flexible display, a flexible housing and flexible internal components – which will be significantly more resistant to damages by bending or deforming to absorb the impact when it hits a hard surface. “Flexible electronic devices may be more resistant to damage during impact events such as drops because the flexible device may bend or deform while absorbing the impact. Deformation of this type may increase the duration of an impact thereby reducing the impulse received by other components of the flexible device” the patent explains. Apart from protection during accidental falls, Users of the iphone x will probably be able to
customize gestures to switch on or off, answer a call, start an app, change volume, or start playing a song or movie by twisting or bending towards a certain direction.This feature is however most certainly not coming with next year’s iPhone 7 or the next due to obvious technicalities of sourcing flexible internal components like batteries, speakers, processors etc.
—-Verdict: less likely.

iPhone X will be Waterproof

iPhone X waterproof patent
Image credit: Macworld.com

More sooner than later, Apple’s iPhone models are all going to be waterproof. A patent spotted in March reveals that Apple is working to make the internal components of the iPhone waterproof using a protective coating, preventing them from being damaged in the event that liquid somehow manages to make its way beneath the the iphone chassis. The patent titled “METHODS FOR SHIELDING ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS FROM MOISTURE” describes ” A method for enhancing moisture resistance of an electronic component mounted on a printed circuit board (PCB) and within an electromagnetic interference (EMI) shield having a plurality of openings, comprising: depositing a hydrophobic conformal coating on an exterior surface of the EMI shield, wherein at least some of the hydrophobic conformal coating passes through at least some of the plurality of openings and forms a moisture resistant coating on the electrical component.” Forget the technical limbo, all the patent is describing is a method to repel water from internal components of the iPhone using hydrophobic materials. Though the particular hydrophobic agent was not specified in the patent, it is likely going to be salts of fatty acids and/or such metals as copper, aluminum, and zirconium; cation- active surface-active agents; and high-molecular-weight organosilicon and organic fluorine compounds. After all is said and done, we are sure of one thing – iPhone X is definitely going to be waterproof.
—-Verdict: highly likely.

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