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Apple inc. is (in)famously secretive, however like all companies it has to issue a list of patents to the USPTO ( United States Patent & Trademark Office) and these sometimes provide useful hints about its future products before the are officially unveiled. Apple has always sort ways to play smart by disguising its product patents with in-depth technicalities. Nonetheless, all you need is a little curious and sharp mind to decipher the cryptic messages hidden within these patents. In a long drawn review, techproducts brings you what the future holds for the iphone, drawing conclusions from comments from Apple executives, Apple patents and plain wild rumors. It may not come with the iphone 7 or 7s or there about, but chances are, it will definitely show up in the future iPhone – The Symbolic iPhone X.

This is a third part of a long drawn series on what future iphones will look like
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iPhone X will have a panic button

In a patent filed by Apple and titled Fingerprint Activation Of A Panic Mode Of Operation For A Mobile Device with US patent number ‘20150319294’ , details of a panic system aimed at helping an iPhone user during emergencies was revealed. It reveals how the IPhone’s TouchID sensor could be used to activate a panic mode, which would make the handset’s data inaccessible to the user. It explores more interesting ways that the TouchID sensor could be utilized, different from its traditional use for unlocking the device. Among the possible applications of this patented design include – disabling a certain set of functions on the phone, denying access to contact information, emails and photos, or activating the handset’s camera or microphone to document who is trying to use it or what is happening around the device when the phone is unlocked under panic mode.
—–verdict: highly likely.

iPhone x

iPhone X batteries will Last for weeks

I am still trying to wrap my head around how Apple intends to handle logistics for this one, but it surely is a great feature. The company has said it intends to employ ‘fuel cell system’ to dramatically increase the battery life of its devices, this will enable its battery to last for weeks. For the not so nerdy ones ; A fuel cell is a device that converts the chemical energy from a fuel into electricity through a chemical reaction of positively charged hydrogen ions with oxygen or another oxidizing agent .Fuel cells are different from batteries in that they require a continuous source of fuel and oxygen or air to sustain the chemical reaction, whereas in a battery the chemicals present in the battery react with each other to generate aa electromotive force (emf). The problem with feul cell however is that the consumer would have to change fuel cell cartridges periodically and this may become a logistical nightmare if not properly planned. The patent describe a system in which a fuel cell would operate alongside a normal battery, so consumers in theory might be able to opt to
use either power system for their device.
—-Verdict: less likely.

iPhone X will use facial recognition for security pass

Starting from the iPhone 6 to the latest models of the iPhone, Apple has made it possible to unlock its device using the TouchID sensor. Apple is obviously playing around with way cooler ideas like integrating facial recognition features into the iPhone. Late last year (probably December 2014) the United State Patent And Trademark Office (USPTO ) awarded Apple a patent relating to a “personal computing device control using face detection and recognition.” With this patent, it means future iPhones ( iPhone X ) could be unlocked using facial recognition. So effectively, your cute or not so cute face could soon become your security pass.
—-Verdict: likely

iPhone X will have no home button

Home buttons are so yesterday, and chances are — Apple is definitely going to ditch the feature in the not so far future. To maximize display area while also maintaining portability, Apple’s future iPhone X will see a drastic redesign both in appearance and purpose of the touch screen panels.
apple iphone X concept image
An apple patent dated January 2014, describes a touchscreen display with a fingerprint-sensing layer that could be used to introduce advanced multi-user support. The patent , if introduced into the IPhone’s design could effectively eliminate the need for a custom TouchID enabled home button.
—-Verdict: highly likely.

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