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What makes a carry-on bag favourably unique? Overall Size, Design, shape or available space? To different users, a carry-on bag may be favourably unique because of any or all of the aforementioned factors, but ultimately what appeals best to everyone is utility. As 21st century technology drunks, which we all are but would probably deny — imagine traveling with your smart gadgets these days and all you could think of is how you will sit through the journey if your smartphone or iPod eventually runs out of electric juice. Its no rocket science that our little journey will have a boring episode to air when our gadgets die out.
G-RO smart luggage
Luckily for everyone, Industrial designer Netta Shalgi with extensive experience in product design and development is bringing on a smart solution to take on the challenge of a designing unique carry-on . Its simple — the bag tagged — The G-RO smart luggage , tackles the issues of durability, affordability, exterior and interior volume as well as weight. And it does a surprisingly good job at being able to blend technology with artistic design. Banking on innovative design concepts and engineering, the G-RO smart luggage features a large diameter axle-less wheels which enables users to wheel the luggage over tough terrain like street curbs, icy sidewalks, snow and cobblestone without much hassles. Netta holds a B.A. in Industrial Design from the Holon Institute of Technology (HIT) in
Israel and from the University of Lapland, Finland. Shalgi is reputed for her design and planning services to companies, such as Intel, Alcatel-Lucent, Elbit Systems, as well as some high end furniture, lifestyle and design companies.
G-RO luggage

G-RO Smart luggage — Key Features

An Arched belly design to ensure the bag isn’t scrapped on the ground while rolling.
A built-in waterproof charging station that doubles as a tablet stand.
Location Tracker and Proximity detector.
A low mass all terrain wheel.
Impact resistant polymer panels.
A waterproof bottom
A very spacious interior compartment for personal items and more

Image credit: Beta Shalgi

The G-RO features an optional electronic module. With the G-RO’s Optional Electronic Module, you can charge your laptop, tablet and smartphone all at once . It consists of 2 USB ports (that connect to built-in wires, which power the Built-In Charging Station on the top of the luggage) , a universal power outlet (that fits a three prong laptop plug), A location tracker and A proximity detector. Perhaps most importantly, the optional electronic module comes with a 23,000 mAh portable battery — that’s enough electric juice to recharge your phone for 10 times!
To ensure that your stuff don’t get wet , the G-RO smart luggage features a bottom protective panel consisting of a plastic shell over a waterproof and a plastic-coated ballistic nylon textile. The body of G-RO is made of high quality Cordura ballistic nylon and mold-injected aerospace-grade polymers. The G-RO is virtually crush proof and water resistant, keeping your belongings safe and sound. It’s offers an all terrain maneuverability, the G-RO glides easily over any kind of terrain— from cobblestones, curbs, steps, gravel to snow and sand.
The G-RO’s location tracker is based on GSM cellular module, which means locating your bag is through cellular signal and you can track your bag anywhere there’s cellular reception. The proximity detector is based on Bluetooth signal and only works at short ranges. It alerts you when the bag comes into and when it leaves the area you are currently staying. This may come in handy when using public transport stations — you’ll never have to join the missing luggage queues as you will get a by the second update of your baggage location via an iOS or Android app on your smartphone. The company has launched a crowdfunding campaign onKickstarter with intentions to raise $125,000 to bring this carry-on bag project to fruition.

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