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Drones are getting increasingly popular as private individuals and organizations alike acquire their own copy of the gadget. While these set of drone owners acquire them mostly either for business or pleasure, the uses of drones spans widely from this two uses. Militarily for espionage , industrially for product monitoring, commercially for goods delivery to many others, the list of drone application is ever growing. As consumers demand for drones increases , designers and producers of the gadgets have come up with more and more designs and models of them. Unsurprisingly, this year’s Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2016 featured quite a number of them. We bring you some of the drones showcased at the CES 2016.
Yuneec Typhoon H drone
Though the were pretty much a lot of drones popping up at the CES 2016, but any drone enthusiast will hardly fail to notice the Yuneec Typhoon H Drone. It may not look like something from the latest star wars release, but Yuneec’s typhoon H camera drone is sight to behold. The $1800 per unit hexacopter is retrofitted with Sonar sensors in front keep which keeps it from running into large obstacles like buildings and cars and an additional sensor module underneath that helps it fly indoors without the assistance of GPS for stability. It also has a carbon fiber retractable landing gear to get out of the way of its 360-degree rotating gimbal camera when it’s up, doing its thing in the air. With a dimension of 309x270x255 mm (12.1×10.6×10 inches) the Typhoon H can fit easily into a large backpack.

Parrot Disco Drone
The Parrot Disco is another interesting drone is another drone displayed at the CES 2016 that will be worth your time. Parrot says its Disco drone will be the first
ready-to-fly wing-shaped drone for in the consumer ( civilian) drone market. Pretty much most if not all marketed and considerably sized drones are for military use. But being wing-shaped is however not its selling point, the Disco has more interesting features. It is rigged with sensors — accelerometer, gyroscope,
magnetometer, barometer, GPS — which makes turning left and right is as easy pushing that direction on the control stick, and the same goes for changing altitude which is seemingly effortless.

the mola x1.0 drone
At this year’s CES event only few drones had a unique design, perhaps most noticeable among them was the Mola X1 drone. The Mola X 1.0, expectend this April, looks like a giant capsule with four propellers. It is actually two separate pieces that twist apart to become an X-shaped quadcopter, interesting design I must say. It comes with a full HD camera, GPS for steady flight outdoors and sensors to help with flying inside, and it’s all controlled with your smartphone. The company behind the Mola X1 — Shanghai Nine Eagles stood out clearly at CES 2016 thanks to its not so usual design. Though technically a quadcopter, the Mola X 1.0 looks like two twin-spinning fans placed perpendicular to each other. I am still not very sure how it flies but it’s good to see Shanghai Nine Eagles producing something different from everyone else.

power up FPV
The PowerUp FPV is arguably the world’s first paper drone, complete with a live camera. A paper might sound like a very bad material for a drone, buy bad as it may sound, the power up FPV works surprisingly very excellently. It can fly through the air at speeds up to 20 mph, features real time streaming, Wi-Fi, and a height range of up to 300 feet. It also features a crash detection software and a head mounted display for first person views. The company that creates the drone PowerUp Toys has developed an app that allows users to utilize Google Cardboard for a first-person flying experience with the paper plane drone.

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