Tecno Canom C9 Introduction

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Tecno canom C9 or sorry Camon C9 have been released and launched in Nigeria today by the Tecno Mobile Nigeria team in Lagos with lots of fashion icon present, I am not surprise at all because of course Tecno Canom C9 is all about photos just like the tecno C8. With the release of tecno Camon C9, this makes the series Camon from C5, C8 and this current one released today today the member of the problem. Well, we do not have anyone with me for now for in hand review, but what we can see from our partners in the mobile tech related news sites like. Tecno Camon C9 is one of the nicest Tecno Nigeria products.


Tecno C9 Price In Nigeria

Just like we have said yesterday, the tecno C9 price in Nigeria should be within the price of #38,000 to #45,000 because official price have not being release by the Tecno. it is our guess for now. And you can always trust to update this place once we get the price.

Specifications Of Tecno C9

I have made full specifications of the Tecno C9 of past review, we are going to highlight the important features of the Tecno C9 from other previous series of the phones


  • HiOS (Based on Android V6.0 Marshmallow)
  • 5.5 ” HD IPS Touchscreen
  • LTE connectivity
  • 2GB RAM
  • 16GB internal expandable memory
  • Dual Micro SIM capability
  • 13MP Auto-Focus back camera with Flash
  • 13MP Front camera with Flash
  • 3,000mAh non-removable battery


Why You Need One Camon C9 In Your Life

The major reason is the selfie with the 13MP front camera, this will result in great family selfie, great friends selfie and all the wonders you have planned. In short only your imaginations can of course stop you. The other reason you need to get this Canom C9 is the T-band, the T-band feature helps in securing your phone all the time, when you the T band with you, you can always deactivate the phone with it is anti theft feature in the case is misplaced, lost or stolen. With this feature alone, I will be getting this phone.


Others are as fellow


Operating System:    HIOS V1.0: Based on Android 6.0
Network:                  GPRS/EDGE//WCDMA/LTE
Band:                 GPRS/EDGE: 900/1800
WCDMA:             900/2100
LTE:                    Band3/7/20
Dimension:             153*76.4*10.35mm
Display:                     5.5″ FHD IPS Touchscreen
Resolution:                FHD(1920*1080)
Processor:                  Octa-core Processor
Camera:                     13.0 MP AF Back Camera with Flashlight
13.0 MP Front Camera with Flashlight
Memory:                   16 GB ROM + 2 GB RAM Expandable Micro SD, up to 128GB
Connectivity:               GPS, Wi-Fi, BT
Battery Capacity:      3000mAh
Sensor:                      G-sensor, Light Sensor, Proximity Sensor



Or is that silver sef? I am not sure.

Not sure what this logo the “Camon C9” sits atop was intended to be


But common sense says it’s a camera lens something something. Since the Camon range is camera focused, it makes sense, yeah?

Then there’s this particularly difficult seal…


…that took a while to break!


The main compartment slides out of the pouch-like pouchy thing. Fancy.


Finally we open the box and lo, there lies the Tecno Camon C9.


Underneath the compartment are the usual accessories, and some more


The  charger head, USB cable, earpiece, warranty, the device itself and a mystery black box.

Mystery black box skewered with the SIM ejector pin. Let’s look inside…


Alas! It is a phone pouch


Been a long time we saw those, at least scratches won’t come early to this device.

Oh, lest I forget. There is this “for freshness” little bags you are not supposed to eat


Not me, it was in the box.

At the top of the front-side, there is the flash by the left side, and the 13 MP Auto-Focus camera in the middle


The speaker grill is right above the whole setup.

Still in the front, the menu buttons are located at the bottom


The earphone jack is at the top


On the flip-side, there’s the 13MP camera with flash underneath


Below that is the second speaker grill for music


In the left-hand corner underneath the phone is an allowance made for prying the cover open, the charger jack comes next and the pin-prick hole at the other end is the microphone for making calls


Upon prying it open, I discovered the 3,000 mAh battery is stuck there; non-removable.


Two micro-SIM slots (both LTE capable)


And if you are wondering (like I was) what the ejector pin is for, the image above explains it. It is for extracting the SIM cards after inserting them.

Memory card slot is on the left-hand side. And all those other ugly workings that the case covers


First Impressions

It’s really slim


5.5 inches and that thin? The Tecno Camon C9 is “looking” like a good deal. There is something iPhoney about the width from this angle, abi? 


The Tecno Camon C9 also has a rounded feel to it, thanks to the slight curvature behind.


UPDATES On Tecno Camon C9 Price In Nigeria

Our source have confirmed the Tecno Camon C9 price in Nigeria, the price will be sold between 45000 and 53,000 depending on your locations, your chosen mall or website where you decide to buy it. Do you think the price is worth the prize of what you get. Lets us know your comments below.  But before then, let me go live a smarter live every where.


Credits: Techpointng, Techproducs.com.ng, tecno-mobile.com

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    1. Durability cannot be determined just now sha. But the durability of older products like the C8 should speak for the C9. I’m sure it would do just great.

  1. @theophi… I think d battery will not last as expected bcos 3000mah battery cannot satisfy dis gorgeous phn na! The battery supposed to b more powerful than this..

  2. If the battery weak to the extent that it can no longer support the phone, can it be replaced by experienced technician?

  3. The battery capability is not good enough. I expected something better. However, every other is good.

  4. Please I want to know if this phone techno c9 is still in stock and if it comes truly cones with a t band?

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