The Next Big Thing from one of the world’s leading Smartphone brand, Samsung is the Galaxy S8 series. The Galaxy S8 series according to reports could be officially announced in April 2017 , exactly a year after the Galaxy S7 family (series). While Samsung haven’t confirmed or rebuffed any news regarding the highly anticipated device series, the Galaxy S8 series, there have been plenty and more than enough rumours  about it. The latest rumor comes from Korean website MK News, which has it that Samsung is planning to release a “Galaxy S8 Plus”.

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Reported to likely sport a 6-inch display, the Galaxy S8 Plus should be launched alongside a 5-inch Galaxy S8. Also of high interest is the fact that both models (the S8 and S8 plus) could feature dual curve Quad HD screens, which is an indication that there could be no need to include “edge” in their names (since the curved edges won’t be a differentiating factor, as it is with the S7 and S7 edge).


Still going by Mk News, “the Galaxy S8 Plus could have about the same size as the 5.7-inch Galaxy Note 7, thanks to minimized bezels and an impressive screen-to-body ratio of about 90%. Both the 6-inch Galaxy S8 Plus and the 5-inch Galaxy S8 might have fingerprint scanners embedded in their displays , though we also heard that the fingerprint sensors may actually be situated on the rear shell”.


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However, unless Samsung Mobile comes out and bring us all out of this cage of darkness we presently find ourselves in, we can’t be sure of anything for now… except for the fact that the Galaxy S8 series will definitely be quite different from the Galaxy S7.


What do you think, is a 6-inch Samsung Galaxy S8 a good idea? Or would you rather have a 5.5-inch S8 Plus model next to a smaller 5-inch S8?

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