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Taxify, a cab hailing app with a stronghold in Lagos, and a significant marketshare has been claimed to have reached profitability.

In an interview, Uchenna Chukwuebuka Okafor, Operations Manager of Taxify Nigeria when asked the question on when Taxify is envisioned to reach a profit making state, he replied that “It is a known fact that Taxify is already profitable globally.”

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On questions on why they launched into Lagos, and their aim in the city, Uchenna made known that they “launched in Lagos because of the massive potential the city holds. With an 18 million man population and over a million rides going down every day. We have come to alter the status quo and offer a viable alternative to Lagosians. Ultimately, we aim to change the way people move within the city, create jobs and transform the transportation ecosystem.”

So talking about how they think they are better than Uber, the Taxify operations manager said that “Taxify is an e-hailing App that connects riders to great rides, practically moving people safely and in style. We treat driver -partners better so that they can offer high-quality service to customers.”

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“Our commission is 15% (comparing to competitor’s 20-25%), so basically, driver-partners earn significantly more with us than with other competitors.”

Well, I don’t think that there would be any interview with anyone at Taxify or Uber and questions won’t be asked about the other. Now, that’s real competition. Below are more excerpts from the interview.


><We are constantly on the look-out for viable cities to expand to. Once all pre-set metrics are met.

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><We have our sights on being the best and offering high-quality service to riders. Our long term plan simply is changing the way people move around in Nigeria, creating tons of jobs for unemployed youths and empowering entrepreneurs.We are growing really well and we foresee an even greater growth in the coming months.

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