snapchat ads on application

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The Big Announcements Of Ads Coming To SnapChat Applications

snapchat ads on application
snapchat ads on application

According to TechCrunch, Ads will be coming to SnapChat in no distant time, no, not the type of the ads you have been seeing before, but we are talking about targeted ads that will see competing with other top social medias. hey!!!. Do not worry, we are sure the SnapChat. The ads that will not disrupt your SnapChat experience will be release for the app to continue to server the younger generation that have found the Startup amazing right from day one

I Am Not Cool At Some People Now Because Of Ads

snapchat-taco-bell-lens ads
SnapChat Sample Ads

Of course, many people who have followed the social rave should predicted these events, I believe that there is only a way to continue to enjoy free stuffs, and the only available medium is for other paying for it. If you cannot pay for an app, and you do not want any ads to show, I guess you need look to examine yourself, if you truly you are alright. LOL. Companies have different of channels where they need to spend, data, workers, engineers, data centers, digital configuration equipment, high Fiber optics wires, hosting, that cost millions of dollars daily, where do you want these companies to see the money if not from ads. I do believe that many people that do not want ads to show at all, really do not know the cost of what being used by their browsers that is being paid by web owners and application developers come entrepreneurs.


The different types of ads that will be showing SnapChat are as below


  • Snap Ads Between Stories – Ads after playing a friend’s story.
  • Expandable ads – Ads that can allow you install a promoted app or any other external activity with a swipe.
  • Ads API – Making ads easier for advertisers through programmatic interfaces
  • Reviewed Ads– Although ads are here to stay, Snapchat says it will not overwhelm its users with too many ads. They will also protect users by reviewing all ads before publishing.
  • Snapchat Partners For Ads – To further help advertisers, Snapchat will connect them to a directory of ad tech developers that will help in ad buying, targeting, and management
  • Snapchat Ad Measurement – Along with all these offerings, Snapchat also built an ad measurement system to help advertisers know which ad is doing well.

What do you think about my points and the introduction of ads by snapchat

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