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SWITCH!’s training academy graduates can now have more reasons to smile as a new pathway for better practical experience has been opened up.

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SWITCH!, an accelerated software developer training academy has made an announcement about its partnership with Stutern -whose sole goal is promoting internship opportunities- to offer improved internship opportunities  to its graduates. The internship opportunities will be with employers in the nation Nigeria.

SWITCH! was launched not quite long ago and it aims to assist ambitious developers in the field. It also aims to help tech companies get effective and skilled manpower in order to scale the companies.

SWITCH!’s graduates are trained intensively for a good number of months, and the graduates become very skilled in a important specializations in the developer field. The specialization include: Android Development, Backend Development, Frontend Development and Product Design.

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The training outfit organized a Demo Day back in January where the developers display their products. The Demo Day saw the trained developers showcase products they built, and the experiences gained in SWITCH!. Sequel to the Demo Day, the developers started work at technology companies as the tech companies’ software developers.

SWITCH!’s partnership with Stutern became effective on the 27th of April 2017. The academy’s partnership agreement with Stutern is a direct intention of the startup’s willingness to impact the tech ecosystem in Nigeria with world-class talents that will work with tech companies to better their output. The partnership grants the interns firsthand access to learn from their employers who are professionally sound in the various fields.

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It gives us immense pleasure to be helping companies in Nigeria get access to top talents to help keep their companies innovative. We believe that by keeping steady flow of talent into the industry, we will reduce the unemployment in the country and increase competitiveness of Nigerian technology companies,” said the Sheriff of SWITCH! about the internship opportunities made available to its graduates and the positive impact on the companies.

Employers interested in offering internship services to the SWITCH!’s graduates can log on to the academy site and fill a form showing their interest.

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