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With what you are about to read now, I’m pretty sure Nintendo would be feeling like a proud mother whose two children are competing with each other to be top of their classes in the same school. What type of mother wouldn’t be proud to have that?

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According to both Nintendo’s press release and the reality, the recently released game,  Super Mario run is a huge success. The company confirmed that the game was downloaded over 40 million times in the first four days, which broke the previous App Store record set by Nintendo’s other property, Pokémon GO.

Super Mario run
Super Mario run

Before now, the super Mario we all knew, or the one I grew up to know was very popular and widely played amongst the populace. The trend died down after sometime, at least maybe in only my own environment, but now, super Mario run is here to keep the trend.

Apart from its very high downloads which has run into tens of millions already, Super Mario Run is also the top ranking app in the ‘Free’ category in 140 different markets around the world and, more importantly, among the top 10 in the ‘Top Grossing’ list in 100 markets on the App Store.

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What is baffling me here is that this game isn’t available for the android platform but it seems like it is given the number of downloads. Nintendo’s collaboration with Apple might have triggered that. But I’m thinking, what if Nintendo decides to extend it to the Android platform, can you imagine the number of downloads it will garner?

Pokémon Go US lawsuit
Pokémon Go

Another factor which might have contributed to its popularity is the fact that it appears under the ‘free’ category of games. But actually, it isn’t entirely free as you’d imagine. You would be asked to pay for the rest of the game after three levels. A lot of people would be baited here especially when they are heavily engrossed in the game and are enjoying every bit of it.

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But then, in the end, downloads wouldn’t earn Nintendo a dime, let’s actually see if the end would justify the means. We’ll be waiting for when the company would publish how much they earned from the game – we’re very interested in that.

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