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Startupbootcamp Cape Town is the latest accelerator to announce applications to be made for its accelerator program. The accelerator programme which is the accelerator’s inaugural accelerator program.

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We reported to us last month about the launch its accelerator program. Now, the accelerator has made announcement about the opening of its applications for submission.

Just like every other accelerator program, the accelerator aims to build and develop promising startups, give them intensive training and also give them support. The accelerator aims to support the startups with with support in both cash and experience.

Applications for the accelerator programme to be held in Cape Town is to end by July 9, 2017. This might seem as a shock to us because we would have expected the submission of applications to be as quick as possible. However, I believe, startupbootcamp is preparing more time for the startups that intend to submit their applications to present their applications in the best form possible. The program is however expected to kick start on the September 4 2017.

The prospective applicants for the accelerator should bear in mind that not all the applications will make it into the accelerator. This is because the applications will be thoroughly screened by experts, and the best 10 startups will partake in the accelerator.

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The startups that make into the accelerator will receive financial grant of $16,700. They’ll also receive mentorship and training sessions to develop them into the “next big thing”. The accelerator program will last for three months. During this three months, startups will be intensively trained and mentored on providing lasting solutions to the world of technology. This involve providing technology solutions in areas of blockchain, alternative financing, enabling technologies and so on.

Applications for the accelerator is open for both startups within and outside the African continent. Sure, you must have thought it was only a South African affair; it’s actually not.

The three month accelerator program will end with a Demo Day on November 30, 2017. The Demo Day will witness the ten startups pitching their products and solutions before an audience of likely investors and their mentors.

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