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It’s no longer news to us that the world is going all tech on us all. With the invention of smartphones, self-driving cars, creating of massive applications and designing of supreme websites. Many people, groups and companies have been left stale due to these constant advances in our global world. This development in trend has thereby pushed us to acquire new skill sets to be able to compete in this new world order.

But do you know those who are in high demand and will continue to be? Software engineers, none of this technological development would be possible without the influences, expertise and hard works of software engineers. With the growth of social networks such as WhatsApp, BBM, facebook, Instagram, twitter to eCommerce, Uber, AirBnB to game software such as Pokemon Go and it likes.

Software engineers are in massive demand because they are responsible for inputting the codes and building the tools required to make this application work. For you to be able to sit down in the comfort of your home and shopping in an online mall by the clicks of your mouse or the swipe of your smart phones, engineers have down their job.

softeware engineering coding processes

A problem now lies in the fact that there are inadequate number of  software engineers, to solve this problem more people needs to start learning how to code. The sad truth is that skill is not easy to acquire, it can’t be learned over night. Well, all hope is not lost because there is no better time to start learning than now. Yes now! Learning to code does not guarantee the end of all your financially problems but it has helped a lot of people to get a sense of belonging has been part of a greater good, to some addition qualification and has also put money in others wallet.

Whichever reason it might be, it is estimated that over the next decade, there will be about a million roles to be filled in the United State alone and about 10,000 roles to be filled in Nigeria by software engineers. Talking about job creation, if you begin and set out of the part today, you will likely be one of the beneficiaries soon enough.

There is no excuse not to learn anything this day has one does not necessarily have to enroll in expensive computer training, everything is now online, you can easily download Youtube videos and also goggle search whatever you want to know about. There are thousands of online forums and pages where people are willing to help with technical questions about what is not understood or whatever is confusing. Companies are organizing talks, and all this are been done for free.

software coding

Since the primary building blocks for the web is HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheet). This is exactly where beginners should start to be able to learn the basics of coding. They can proceed to javascript when they are vast and well comfortable with HTML and CSS. These three web component are good to get  you going in the world of coding.

Technology is taking over and it is intertwined in every sector and area of our lives. It is the next level and the next step definitely. So hop on the train of this trend, what harm can it do?

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