Apparently, Google will no longer smartphone manufacturers customize the look of the notification tray or system on any of their devices that will feature the Android Nougat 7.

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Over the years as the Android Operating System evolved and gained more popularity and grounds, the Google-owned OS have witnessed a lot of tweaks and modifications to the originally released or stock version of various OS. Various Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) like Infinix with the XUI, Xiaomi with the MIUI, and Tecno with its HiOS are good examples of OEMs that are in the practice of customizing their Android version.

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However, it’s the beginning of a new dawn for these smartphone makers as Google have got something else in store for its notification system on its latest Operating System, the Android Nougat. Google now forbids manufacturers from removing or obstructing features like Android’s notification actions, replies, settings, and bundling.

According to Google new laws as regards the Android Nougat 7;

“Handheld device implementations MUST support the behaviors of updating, removing, replying to, and bundling notifications as described in this section.

Also, handheld device implementations MUST provide:

  • The ability to control notifications directly in the notification shade.
  • The visual affordance to trigger the control panel in the notification shade.
  • The ability to BLOCK, MUTE and RESET notification preference from a package, both in the inline control panel as well as in the settings app.”

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This development is a good thing on one hand as it would ensure a uniform Android notification experience across all Android Nougat operating system. However, Android users who love having the ability to customize their Android experience to the fullest, even up to the notification system level, would certainly not take this as a good move from Google.

Tell us what you think. Is it a good move from Google? Or you think otherwise. Let us hear your opinion.

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