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I have gone round the world, digitally I mean, in my search for a good download manager. Finally I had to join the bandwagon and agree that none other beats Internet Download Manager (IDM). It is so annoying when there is only one clear leader in a software. My choices are then limited to just the one software. It is the sort of dead ends I hate.


Recently, I had to start looking for another good download manager because IDM refused to work on a friend’s mini laptop. I wanted something already embedded inside the browser, not a separate download manager. That’s how I ended up with with the SlimBrowser. Their pitch for the embedded download manager looked like what I was really looking for. SlimBrowser had

-ability to automatically capture downloads

-ability to resume downloads and

-integrated download accelerator.

This is how CNET described the browser:

SlimBrowser is based on the latest version of Microsoft’s Trident engine, the same one used in IE9, so it’s fast — especially with cutting-edge Web sites. It also has the features you expect in the latest browsers, such as a download manager, form filler, and secure browsing. But what really sets SlimBrowser apart is its awesome range of options. Like the installed version, SlimBrowser Portable is free, but you can take it with you, settings and all.”

But I wasn’t looking for a browser. I was looking for a download manager embedded in a browser. And this is the pitch from SlimBrowser that bowled me over,

SlimBrowser includes a multi-threaded internet download manager which organize all your downloaded files and boost your download speed by many times. The download manager is able to split the same file into multiple sections and download them simultaneously with multiple threads. If your local internet connection bandwidth doesn’t become a bottleneck, it can increase the download speed by up to 12 times by splitting the file into 12 sections in maximum. In reality, the optimum number of sections to reach maximum speed depends on both the bandwidth of your internet connection and the bandwdith of the web server.

With the internet download manager, you can pause and resume download jobs any time. You no longer have to worry about broken downloads. You can close the web browser and pause all the download jobs. In the next session, you can pick up the download jobs right where you left it off.”

So I decided to share the experience here. All the images used are from the SlimBrowser website.

Download and install.

1.Head here to the slim browser website to download and install the file. You can also do a Google search for other locations to download the setup files. Slim browser, it turns out, is all over the net.

2.install the file in your system. This is very easy. You’d notice that the browser looks like Internet Explorer (IE)with a different name. If you hate IE, don’t transfer that hate to BlimBrowser. After all SlimBrowser is promising something unique.

3. Now you’ve installed the browser. Use the browser to browse to any site you want to download a file. When you click on download, you would see the dialogue box below


4. As a first time user, you can tweak the settings. For instance you can change the number of connections to give you faster download speed. Just click ‘Advanced‘ to open the window where you can do that and much more. Click ‘OK‘ to start download. The download manager window will open to show you the progress of your downloads. You can fiddle with the icons on the right hand panel to see what they are all about.


And like in IDM, you can right click any file to see more options. Using the embedded download manager is actually akin to using IDM. Now I have an alternative download manager. Maybe I just might make slim browser my default browser.


For now, my friend is happy. He has a good download manager for his mini laptop plus a relatively fast browser.

Watch the video to see more.


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