Skype, VOIP, Skpe files

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Microsoft are not relenting in their efforts to make Skype as relevant to our everyday lives as all other messaging apps out there. The latest upgrade to Skype announced by the tech giant now means you can now send files to your Skype contact even if the contact is Offline.

Skype, VOIP, Skpe files

If you are conversant with Skype, it’s okay if you think it is rather negligent on the part of Microsoft to have waited this long to introduce this feature. I think Microsoft is now paying more attention to Skype. It won’t be a surprised if we see more Skype updates in the coming months.

That is how it should be if the software giant want the world to take their messaging app seriously enough. The big guns in the messaging niche like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, and Telegram have several of these sort of things. Yet, they are still finding ways to make their apps more attractive to users.

To put it mildly, Skype has a long way to go.

Skype, VOIP, Skpe files

One of the significance of this upgrade for regular users of Skype is that you don’t have to wait for your contact to come online. This was a bummer formerly as you need the recipient to be switched on before sending files. So one can just send files through Skype like it is done in other apps.

Also, users can open the files in any device that has the Skype app. Formerly, one needs to request the file again if there is a need to access it on a different device.

That is, if your primary mode of accessing Skype was through a mobile phone, to view the same file on your laptop, you have to contact the sender to deliver it again while you are online on your laptop. That was a waste of time and data.

Most importantly for me, is the limit placed on the file size you can send. A whole 300MB. That is, you can send up to that size in a single message.

Skype, VOIP, Skpe files
Skype app Login

That is almost like turning Skype into a cloud storage. With 300MB limit, one can send almost any kind of file through Skype. Some full length movies are not up to that. Especially if they are in compressed mp4 format. As for audio files, 300MB is a lot of audio clips.

This upgrade was announced the same day Microsoft broke the news about Skype Meeting, the browser-based Skype designed to run directly from your laptop browser and meant for small businesses. The aim of Skype Meeting was to let users have a feel of Skype premium features so they can easily upgrade to Skype for Business. Which of course meant shelling out money to Microsoft.

However, this upgrade is not an advert to lure users into paying for premium services. It is just plain upgrading of Skype to make it better. And to make it more attractive to the public.

The blog post by the Skype team announcing these changes came with a helpful video tutorial on how to use the new features. You can watch the video below.

Here is how Skype announced the news:

Millions of people use Skype to send holiday photos, videos, and documents every day, making file sharing one of Skype’s most popular features. As part of our mission to modernize Skype, we’re pleased to announce some improvements to this feature, making it easier to use and more reliable for everyone, on every device.

Share, even if your friends are offline – from today, as long as you’re using the latest version of Skype, you can share files, photos, documents and videos of up to 300MB with friends and groups even if they’re offline. So, now you can share a holiday video and go straight back to the beach, knowing that your friends and family can download the video whenever they come online—while you’re out enjoying the sunshine!”

Click here to watch video

Skype, VOIP, Skpe files
Skype video



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